Health & Wellbeing

A series of articles covering issues with your health.

The Scourge of Mummy Guilt

Life is tough. We all have our "thing" that one or even a few hang-ups or limiting beliefs that eat away at us and whisper to us with soul-crushing negative self-talk. You are not good enough; how can you do that? You're an idiot, don't eat that … [Read more...]

Our Top 5 Best Hotels for Sex

Sex, when you're a parent, can be a bit tricky. It's fairly typical to discover that when one of you is raring to go, the other wants bed socks and a cup of tea. Finding the right time and opportunity, well, let's just say sometimes you have to get … [Read more...]

Check into Club Duvet

The Festival of Sleep Day is for people, i.e. parents like you and me or anyone really who would like to get some “shut eye” and relaxation after the Christmas holidays. With all the craziness of Christmas shopping, presents, kitchen mayhem and the New … [Read more...]

Greenwich White Ribbon Day 2018

White Ribbon UK was founded in 2005. The Mission: To end male violence against women, once and for all. If you are being abused seeking help can be hard. You may feel there's nowhere to turn or that no-one will take you seriously. There is help … [Read more...]

Celebrate Positive Thinking

Everyone needs a bit of positive thinking in their lives. Being mindful is part of our overall health. When we have positivity in our life, it carries over to many other aspects and areas. Yes, even as a stressed-out parent like you and I can achieve … [Read more...]

Seven Apps Every Woman Needs

Tech hasn’t always been so female-friendly. When Apple released its health app in the autumn of 2014, you could track pretty much anything health related but not follow and track your period. Apple has since addressed this by adding a Reproductive … [Read more...]

Greenwich Creepy Crawley Alert

A native of southern Europe, where the bigger bugs and the weather keep these guys in check the Oak Processionary Moth was first, accidentally introduced to Britain back in 2005, with eggs which had been laid on live oak plants imported from … [Read more...]

Summertime Safety Tips

Every new parent approaches their first summer season with a certain amount of reservation and trepidation. I Know I did! All 3 of our babies were born in darkest January. There were so many things to be wary of, combined with the natural anxieties of … [Read more...]

How Can You Build Your Child’s Self Esteem

As parents, we know building our child's self-esteem is essential. Development specialists always tell us so. But, knowing it is important is not the same as knowing how to give your child a strong sense of self-worth. There is no easy strategy, but there … [Read more...]

Pale and Freckled: Skin Cancer Month

I came to terms with my colouring many years ago - I'm a redhead and proud. My skin, as my lovely old nan used to describe is like peaches and cream and covered in fairy footprints. I've also learnt the hard way to care for my skin and have burnt … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Mum Should Have A Hobby

Do you have a hobby? Mums these days are so very busy, and that's not to say that our mums and grandmothers were not so hard working. On the contrary, mums today, we've never had it so easy have we? Could you imagine dealing with three kids, norovirus and … [Read more...]

What you need to know about Scarlet Fever.

Scarlet Fever is much less common than it used to be but in recent years there have been a number of significant outbreaks and it appears we could be in for a re-run. Figures published by Public Health England  Published in May 2017  showed a total of … [Read more...]

When your pet dies and you have children.

Losing a pet is often the very first experience of grief our children have. Whether your pet is a fish, hamster cat or dog, it makes no difference the feelings are still the same. In the last two years, this has been very real for us too. We've lost our … [Read more...]

Free Mini Tennis for Greenwich Kids

Free mini tennis lessons for 6-11 year olds at Eltham Park South, Plumstead Common, and Kidbrooke Green If you're looking for a great activity for your kids, look no further! Tennis for Kids is a summer long FREE introductory tennis course packed full … [Read more...]

Boost Brainpower with Sudoku!

The Sudoku bug has infected vast numbers of people here in the UK. So why has such a simple logic little puzzle become so popular and how can you and your kids benefit? Well, first published in the States in the 70's and sometimes known as "Number … [Read more...]

Boo-boo-be-doo! How’s that for a Hollywood smile!

Blackheath Village’s Sparklysmile has been making all the right noises when it comes to tooth whitening for the last 15 years. Today, their safe and successful whitening programme is up there with Beverly Hill’s best. Fact is, the feel good factor … [Read more...]

Top 5 Last Minute Healthy Christmas Gift Ideas

Good news: it’s Christmas on Sunday! Bad news: if you’ve got any pressies left to get you’ve got a matter of days left to sort them, less if you factor in the pesky postal strike! And while health and fitness might not be top of the agenda right … [Read more...]

The C Word

It’s ok to talk about it now - Bonfire Night and Halloween are out the way, the decorations are up in the shops and we’ve all been introduced to Buster the amazing trampolining dog. Yet as parents, the festive season brings with it a unique set of … [Read more...]

Health visiting in Greenwich has changed

From the beginning of September, health visiting in Greenwich changed and now works in partnership with the five Greenwich Children’s Centre areas. These areas cover the whole of the Borough and are broken down into East, West, South, Teweson and … [Read more...]

Managing Challenging Behaviour in Young Children

Parenting a child with challenging behaviour can be tough, but there are some things you can try to support them and create a happier atmosphere at home. It’s important to let your child know that you love them, even if you don’t always like the … [Read more...]