Why join Greenwichmums?

Greenwichmums is one of the fastest growing communities in town. Its’ main aim is to connect parents in the Borough of Greenwich with information on the amenities, products and services around them.

If you’re a Mum (or Dad) living in or close to the Royal Borough of Greenwich and you’d like to find out more about what’s happening – then Greenwichmums is the place for you!

Still not convinced? Here are some more reasons for you…

For parents, we’ve created a place where you can;

– Find out the latest on whats happening for you and the kids in your area
– Get reviews written by other parents of the local amenities, products and services
– Find that elusive new job if you are returning to work
– Meet other mums & dads, share experiences, top tips and even last nights TV…
– Or just drop into a Group to enjoy the banter!

For local businesses, by working with Greenwichmums you can;

– See how well you are doing using your online reviews listing
– Effectively advertise your products & services
– Get immediate targetted feedback using focus groups or product testings
– Communicate directly with people in the local area
– Launch a new product or revitalise an existing one
– Network with other local businesses

If you’d like to know more as a user or a business, or maybe even suggest ways to make Greenwichmums better – please use the contact form or email info@greenwichmums.com to get in touch.