What Greenwichmums do?

Help parents live a great life in London SE10. Greenwichmums is an online community for people living, working and (especially) raising their kids in Maritime South East London.

When we moved to Greenwich we had trouble finding out the best places to go with kids, the really child friendly ones. Sure there were adverts, but as parents we know adverts sometimes don’t represent reality. So we thought we’d create a place to do just that; and give other Mums & Dads in London SE10 a helping hand in the process.

– We bring together information from a number of sources on activities, products, services and anything remotely child related.

– We give locals the ability to let other people know what they think of them and in the process save money (using our Mumscard) in their favourite places.

– We know all Mums have questions about their kids and need help from time to time and online, through expert Blog articles or community forums, we hope to provide some of that help, support & guidance.

But it doesn’t stop there! By providing all of the above to parents we discovered we’re well placed to help support local businesses too we do just that with a range of services – more info on those can be found here. Our users get involved too by joining in with product testings and focus groups where they get early access to the latest Greenwich offerings before they reach market.

If you’d like to know more, please get in touch by using the contact form or emailing us at info@greenwichmums.com