Health visiting in Greenwich has changed

From the beginning of September, health visiting in Greenwich changed and now works in partnership with the five Greenwich Children’s Centre areas.

health visiting in greenwich

These areas cover the whole of the Borough and are broken down into East, West, South, Teweson and Central B.

Oxleas will be hosting two different types of sessions.

Health advice:

Families who would like to speak to a health visitor about any concerns regarding their baby or child’s health or development, or who need support from the health visitor can attend the weekly ’health visitor advice session’ in their local Children’s Centre area.

Nursery nurse-led:

Families who would like to ask for advice on routine issues such as introducing solids, sleeping or home safety can attend one of the two health drop-in sessions in their area. Parents can also have their baby weighed at the drop in.

To find out about the new session locations you can view the timetable here

Formed in 1994 as Bexley Community Trust, Oxleas has grown to become more specialised and widespread. Providing mental health and adult learning disability services in both Bexley and Greenwich. Taking the name Oxleas in 1995, after the ancient Oxleas Woods which borders Bexley and Greenwich which continues to be a central point to the areas they provide care in.

By linking health visitors to children’s centres Oxleas are aiming to support families by making it easier for them to find the services they need.

Greenwich CAMHS and the Greenwich Specialist Nursing Service will also form a ‘local health network’ for children and young people to help them access information and services.

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