Summertime Safety Tips

Every new parent approaches their first summer season with a certain amount of reservation and trepidation. I Know I did! All 3 of our babies were born in darkest January. There were so many things to be wary of, combined with the natural anxieties of being a new parent, it was really challenging to be confident about one’s own capabilities. It was a combination of trial-and-error and finger in the air with a little bit of common sense thrown in for good measure.

Summertime Safety

It is also natural to want to keep our babies covered, I soon realised that overdressing was a bad idea for all the obvious reasons! But when your sleep deprived and new to babies you tend to question yourself… I found using white clothing made from light cotton or linen, with a huge, floppy hat worked really well.

A snoozeshade was also a fantastic investment; as it protects baby from 99% of UV rays. As was a huge parasol that I clipped onto the pram.  But I would always make sure the pram was still well ventilated every chance I had. There are a lot of different opinions around covereing your pram. All I would say research your chosen product well and go with your gut instinct. Summertime Safety

Unfortunately, though, It is next-to-impossible to avoid the sun in the summer months entirely. (when we get the beautiful weather that is) Many of us, myself included opting to keep our kids out of the sun, avoiding the hottest time of the day, as opposed to using sunscreen and letting them roam free. But this is not always practical. Always use a high-quality sunscreen, the best you can afford with an SPF rating no lower than 30, 50 if possible when you are in the sun with a baby. And don’t forget that your little one will need sunscreen when in the pool, or even near the water, paddling pools included, which should always be in the shade! Most sunscreen brands can be used for babies from 6 months plus. Although it is recommended that babies under 6months are kept out of the sun entirely.

If you’re breastfeeding you don’t have to give your baby water as well as breast milk. but they could be more hungry than usual.  When bottle feeding,  you can supplement their usual feeds, with cooled boiled water throughout the day. try to keep them as hydrated as possible.

Insects are another consideration, especially those pesky mosies! The UK is in fact home to more than 30 types of native mosquito species, (who knew) and in the past, they were more of an annoyance than a health issue, but in recent times there have been some valid concerns regarding mosquitos that stray to the UK during heatwaves.

Aside from the standard mosquito prevention techniques advised by the health officials, like removing all standing water from blocked gutterings. Wheelbarrows and sadly birdbaths. There are a few alternatives available. As a parent, I would never feel comfortable applying DEET to my kids’ skin nor would many other parents. Its extraordinarily poisonous and toxic chemical designed for the military engaged in jungle warfare, not for babies. We use scented oils such as tea tree oil or rosemary. These are safe, natural alternatives. Whether that be in, bath products shampoos and moisturisers even diffusing the essential oils in our babies room has worked well for the night time too.

During the hot weather, we keep the windows open with the blinds and curtains closed during the day. This really helps lower the temperature in bedrooms for sleeping at night. Babies will sleep at their best when rooms are between 16 and 20 degrees.

If your little one is old enough to ride a scooter or trike, a helmet is a must too. Its common sense, but you’d be surprised at the number of kids that don’t. Every year, hundreds of kids go to the hospital for easily avoidable injuries. Play it safe, and make sure your child always wears a helmet when playing with a bike or scooter. They are so widely available now that they are also inexpensive. Some options that start at as little as £6.99.

Have a great summer and play it safe!

Summertime Safety Summertime Safety Summertime Safety Summertime Safety