The C Word

It’s ok to talk about it now – Bonfire Night and Halloween are out the way, the decorations are up in the shops and we’ve all been introduced to Buster the amazing trampolining dog.

the c word

Yet as parents, the festive season brings with it a unique set of demands and stresses.

We’re expected to plan days out to meet father Christmas and see the local panto, feed the extended family, buy presents, wrap presents, postcards, post presents, alongside everything else we already do AND last but not least keep the darling children alive.

It’s enough to drive you to drink.

And it likely will.

So with all that in mind, it should come as no surprise that the average person gains between 5 and 15lbs over the next 6 weeks.

Now in an ideal world I’d tell you the best way to avoid this is to keep exercising, keep eating healthily, and keep going to bed at a reasonable hour…

You’re waiting for a “but” here aren’t you.

Well this will be my fourth Christmas as a Dad, and in truth, those expectations just aren’t realistic.

So how about this year, we just focus on getting through to 2017 without feeling guilty instead?

And the easiest way to do this is to allow ourselves to have what we fancy, but also to keep our hand in and make a few concessions to being healthier along the way.

Let me elaborate.

If you’re home is anything like ours then you have to plan things in a lot more detail over Christmas to make sure you fit everything in and don’t get caught short for meals.

So simply be mindful while you’re planning.

  1. Plan plenty of walks and aim to get outside and move as often as you can. I’m not talking a 10k run here, just a lazy wander around the park can do wonders for your health both physically and mentally.
  2. Include loads of veg in your meals. Nothing is more comforting than a plate full of delicious roasted winter veg, but this stuff is jam packed full of nutrition. Your classic roast dinner isn’t necessarily that unhealthy either – good quality meats with loads of veg sounds like the makings of an excellent feast to me, so don’t berate yourself for including a couple of cheeky yorkshire puddings as well.
  3. Do nothing. As I mentioned, life is pretty hectic and if you plan ahead the Christmas break can be a great opportunity to slow down and rest, to do very little and recharge your batteries. So when the kids have gone to bed open a bottle of wine and put your feet up.

And it really is as simple as that. Yes you might gain a few pounds by the time January rolls around, but if you’re also more relaxed and in a happier place then I reckon that’s a net gain.

So go and have an amazing end to 2016, turn off your phone and enjoy yourself.


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About Ian Male

Ian Male is the owner and Head Trainer of Greenwich Training, a local health and fitness company, but also a Dad of two young boys.

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