3 Reasons Mum Should Have A Hobby

Do you have a hobby? Mums these days are so very busy, and that’s not to say that our mums and grandmothers were not so hard working. On the contrary, mums today, we’ve never had it so easy have we? Could you imagine dealing with three kids, norovirus and no washing machine or dishwasher?


However, we do seem to be more stressed than ever before. (or so my mother keeps telling me) It feels like these modern gadgets and devices sent to help us manage our time and stay in touch with the world, actually just suck us in. Removing the need to talk to one another. As a mum at home, it’s easy to squirrel oneself away and only connect with those we know through social media. Not counting your partner and children, how many people did you actually speak with face to face today? I’d wager a bet and say not many.

Maybe having a hobby is just the ticket then!

Here are our three top reasons why a hobby is a great idea, even for a busy Mum (or dad) like you.

1 – Having a hobby relieves the stress and tension

Spending time with a hobby takes all those negative thoughts and feelings and replaces them with positive ones. Having a hobby, creative outlet or varied interests can lift your spirits and mood channelling how you feel helping with depression, even PND and isolation.

Think Stitch ‘n’ Bitch Classes and how relaxed all those girls look at knitting and nattering get-togethers – seriously don’t laugh. Venting and wielding a crochet hook seems to work wonders.

Unlike passive activities like TV viewing, of which I’m so guilty of myself a hobby provides intellectual stimulation while relaxing you at the same time. Repetitive actions like those used in knitting are unusually calming. (see above)

2 – Hobbies can help you parent better

We are all so good at signing our children up for lessons and classes and encouraging them to have hobbies, even paying for these, driving them to and fro! But we forget that we as adults also need to learn new things and grow as people.

Hobbies also connect you with others who share your interests. (new friends) I have to remind myself that Netflix is not my friend, however much the new Scandi Noir is pulling me in! Hobbies also help you maintain your separate identity (You mean I was a person before kids!?!) and this model’s healthy habits and boundaries for our kids to learn from.

3 – Hobbies provide a change from your daily routines

If you’re a stay at home mum/dad or even one that hops on the 9-5 train. You may be frustrated because you can hardly point to anything you’ve “done” or “achieved” that day. Maybe that’s because you’re sucked into the housework, childcare and the role you’ve gone back to after Maternity or paternity leave.

Generations past, women pursued hobbies like quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and embroidery not only because they were enjoyable but because they provided tangible value to the family, either providing clothing for their backs or much-needed incomes.

Some hobbies like tennis, gardening or pole dancing (yes I have a friend that pole dances) can even provide great exercise with all of its accompanying benefits. (cool new party tricks to demonstrate)

So why not carve out some time to pursue your own hobbies and don’t let a shortage of time stop you either. Rearrange your diary and put YOU back in it, carve out time for your favourite pastime. Trust us your family will thank you for it.

Don’t want to knit – Here are our top 5 alternative hobbies

Pole Dancing – Yes you can! Have fun, build muscles you never knew you had and have a really good laugh.

Joining the circus – run away from the one at home and be part of the greatest show on earth!

Flying a plane – leaving on a jet plane, if only for once in a while that is.

Weaving – Think Hygge creations galore!

Butchery – Handle your meat like a pro. Enough said.