Boo-boo-be-doo! How’s that for a Hollywood smile!

Blackheath Village’s Sparklysmile has been making all the right noises when it comes to tooth whitening for the last 15 years. Today, their safe and successful whitening programme is up there with Beverly Hill’s best.

hollywood smile

Fact is, the feel good factor of whiter teeth is undeniable. To be greeted in the mirror everyday with a perfectly white smile is always a great reason to be cheerful.

What’s more, Phil Eisenberg, Sparklysmile’s owner for the last 30 years, believes the whitening process they use can really turn the clock back. “Our process”, says Phil, “can make your teeth whiter than the day they came through, when you were just 6 years old”.

In spite of the ravages of tea, coffee, red wine, smoking and ageing, Phil knows that sound, healthy, but stained teeth can be convincingly and dramatically whitened, even transformed, by the simple use of whitening products that gently restore your teeth to their original colour.

Sparklysmile’s secret is Alice, their knowledgeable treatment coordinator. She supervises everything from day one, starting with a free consultation in the photographic studio. After Alice has taken some detailed photos, she explains how the procedure works and how whitening can be carried out by you at home using Sparklysmile’s own custom-made trays.

These comfortable guards, ready for you to wear within an hour, hold the whitening gel in close contact with your teeth, gently dissolving the smile-spoiling stains. Things can go even faster if you choose to come into Sparklysmile for your whitening sessions.

After a dentist has checked that your teeth and gums are healthy, the gel can be dispensed and your whitening can begin. Throughout the treatment, Alice is always there to offer advice and assistance. At the end of the programme, you’re seen again to assess how well you have done.

You’ll also be invited to sit for some glamorous photographs of your new brighter smile – Boo-boo-be-doo!

Remember, if you’re considering other dental improvements (makeover or reshaping) it’s best to whiten your teeth before you do these.

See how sparkly you can get your smile, by calling Alice on 020 8852 0442 for a free consultation.

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