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The Festival of Sleep Day is for people, i.e. parents like you and me or anyone really who would like to get some “shut eye” and relaxation after the Christmas holidays. With all the craziness of Christmas shopping, presents, kitchen mayhem and the New Year celebrations. Plus 24/7 child wrangling – it’s time to celebrate — in “Sleep Land.” Zzzz.

Sleep Day

Take a look at our five-step guide to achieving sleep bliss below.

1 – Choose if you want to sleep with someone else, or with something else or alone. You could Get your pet to cuddle with you while you take a nap; if said pet escapes, like they can sometimes, substitute them for a stuffed animal. Less likely to complain as much if you dribble on them.

2 – Determine how long you’re going “celebrate”. Is this a 15-minute power nap, perfect if your working, a cat nap for a few hours while the baby sleeps, or quality time with your pillow for the entire day? (kids at school or old enough to entertain themselves) I know what I’d like… If you can’t get any shut-eye, stay in bed all day anyway and plot and book in with yourself the time and day that you know that you can get some sleep.

3 – Dressing appropriately is crucial. The comfier you are, the better the sleep you’ll get. Add fluffy socks and also consider a pillow spray as an essential tool!

4 – Then sprawl out on your choice of bed, sofa or any comfortable setting that you like. Remember this is your day to be lazy, so position yourself well.

5 – See if the sleep that you got for the day makes a difference. Ask yourself if you feel more refreshed? Rest is healthy as it lowers stress and restores the body for the next day. Sometimes when we think of kilter sleep is all we need.



Sleep Day Sleep Day Sleep Day Sleep Day Sleep Day