5 Top Tips for a Hassle Free kids haircut!

Ego Hair & Beauty was established in 1999, since that time hair trends have certainly come and gone, however for some parents one thing seem to remain a constant dilemma ... kids haircuts. Or as we prefer, young people's haircut! Simply put, here at … [Read more...]

New Kid Al Pancino

Italian food & coffee lovers hold on to your hats - a little bird tells us that this week or maybe even today.... Al Pancino in Stockwell Street will open. Based on the old Spread Eagle restaurant site this completely refurbished Deli/Cafe and soon to … [Read more...]

The Pocket Money Conundrum

Pocket Money is a great way to help children understand the concept of money and budgeting. That’s the theory, but all too often kids spend the pocket money given to them by their parents and then start asking for a supplement. Which is where we as … [Read more...]

Making their mark…

The first thing I have decided to blog about is mark making and all the many areas of learning it links with! For anyone who is unfamiliar with the term it means the stage of development where a child begins to experiment with deliberately making … [Read more...]

Punk Me Up – Half Term fun!

HALF TERM IS HERE - ‘How about a day to yourself?’ Join us for a daylong workshop of MINI-ME-MAKING. Your Punks and Buttercups are sure to love exploring different ways to draw, photograph, spray, paint, wrap, stitch and build their all-important SELF. … [Read more...]

Are you in?

Chances are you've just logged in to the e-admissions website and you have your first choice school - and congratulations if you do. But what if you haven't… - What next. Firstly don't panic- the cynic in me feels that they publish results online … [Read more...]

Zaibatsu’s the way to do it.

It is certainly not dressed the way you would expect, Zaibatsu on Trafalgar Road is one you could definitely miss. Looking more like a quiet takeaway than a highly functioning Sushi bar you would be forgiven for just walking by.   Thankfully … [Read more...]

Bare Your Skin this Summer for Vitality and Health

With the UK currently bathed in glorious sunshine and high temperatures, come with me on a journey to discover the incredible health and anti ageing benefits of sunshine. The sun is responsible for all life on earth – humans thrive in sunlight and by … [Read more...]

Staying Healthy in the sun

Well done! You have made it through the winter. Now hopefully we are looking forward to lots of sunshine. But of course we need to be very careful in the SUN. Everyone is at potential risk from too much sun exposure. People most at risk are those with … [Read more...]