Bare Your Skin this Summer for Vitality and Health

sunlight on skinWith the UK currently bathed in glorious sunshine and high temperatures, come with me on a journey to discover the incredible health and anti ageing benefits of sunshine. The sun is responsible for all life on earth – humans thrive in sunlight and by consuming plants and animals that have ingested and stored sunlight in their cells.


Many people enthusiastically embrace commercial sunscreens in a misguided effort to protect their skin from burning and reduce their skin cancer risk. What they may not be aware of is that they are harming their wellbeing and the health of their skin by doing so. Mainstream sunscreens contain harmful chemicals and additives that do more than block the sun; they have been shown to accelerate cancer development, and prohibit Vitamin D production. Unfortunately, all commercial sun care creams, sprays and gels are filled with photocarcinogenic ingredients and other harmful chemicals that actually encourage DNA and cellular damage. Yet protecting the skin need not involve exposure to these noxious products – a host of natural substitutes are available that nourish and shield without dangerous side effects.

The chemicals in sunscreens increase skin cancer risk and this has been known by the industry for over a decade. Known sunscreen ingredients damage our thyroid and metabolism by disrupting our hormone balance, Oxybenzone is such a chemical. Photocarcinogenic ingredients like synthetic vitamin A derivatives retinol and retinal palmitate turn toxic when exposed to sunlight, producing carcinogens in the skin, causing a 21% increase in the development and spread of cancerous skin tumors and lesions.

The most important part of practising safe sun is to not burn. By wearing natural sunscreen you will be able to feel when you have had enough sun, and its time to chill out in the shade. Chemical sunscreen interferes with the messengers in our skin to our brain to tell us that we are burning. There is a scientific link between burning our skin and increasing our risk of skin cancer.

Ironically, the higher the SPF (Sun Protection Factor) rating, the more oxybenzene (a chemical that interferes with hormone production) you’re putting on, and the more you’re hindering Vitamin D production in the skin. I believe that sunlight is vital to life and that safe tanning is vital to optimal health. Our Antioxidant Sun Protection Serum intensely nourishes and protects with a 100% natural, mineral sunscreen that reflects both UVA and UVB rays – allowing you to develop a golden tan safely. Unique vitamin rich ingredients encourage a deeper tan that lasts longer and prevents photoageing due to the high levels of antioxidants. See more at:


Free radicals are released in the body by sunshine, they age you not the sunshine. To neutralize the effects of these unstable atoms, ingest Antioxidants within an hour of sun exposure. Tuck into foods with high levels of cartenoids for their antioxidants. Strawberries and blueberries are perfect at this time of year, rich in Anthocyanins and yummy!


Vitamin D deficiency has become a global epidemic, affecting everyone, not just Northern Europeans that experience the least amount of sunlight per year. Vitamin D is so important for our health that mother-nature designed our skin to manufacture it using sunlight and cholesterol.

There’s a reason its called the sunshine vitamin (although its actually a hormone that was wrongly classified). The fastest way to become vitamin D deficient is to wear commercial sunscreen that chemically prevents the synthesis of vitamin d in the dermis. Scientific proof of this has existed for over 2 decades but with a sun care industry worth $7,987.3m, globally in 2012. The figures clearly demonstrate that making a profit, takes precedence over our health and wellbeing.

More and more scientific evidence is emerging to confirm that diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, asthma, allergies, multiple sclerosis and other inflammatory dieseases are caused by insufficient vitamin D

Vitamin D is known to impact the function and development of at least 36 different organ tissues, and influences the activation of over 2,000 genes in your body. This vitamin is responsible for letting your cells know when to die “Apoptosis”, so new and healthy ones can replace them, known as cell turnover. This keeps us blissfully young and free from degenerative disease. Cancerous cells are those that live well beyond their use by date.

Here are some other interesting Vitamin D facts:

· We can’t obtain adequate levels of vitamin D through our diets.

· Vitamin D deficiency is suspected to be the #1 cause of diabetes in children and teenagers.

· Vitamin D increases your body’s ability to absorb calcium by 40%, critical for healthy bones & teeth.

· Vitamin D helps your body produce Cathelicidin, a broad-spectrum, natural antibiotic.

· With high levels of Vitamin D circulating in your blood you are less likely to burn.

Eat your lunch outside, your brain will be grateful. A study conducted by the University of Manchester proposes that adequate levels of vitamin D helps maintain mind health and cognitive function. Researchers examined over 3,000 European men between the ages 40 and 79 and found that those with high levels of the vitamin outperformed with low levels in memory and information processing trials.

A lack of vitamin D will actually cause premature ageing. It boosts antioxidant levels, stimulates cell turnover and detoxifies the body and brain, reducing cellular inflammation and oxidative damage.


Sunscreen is also harmful for the environment. Each year, scientists estimate that between 4000 and 6000 metric tons of commercial sunscreen are washed into the ocean by swimmers and beach-goers. This puts 10% of the world’s coral and marine population at risk, and is thought to be the number one cause of the bleached coral skeletons that are becoming more commonplace today worldwide. Truly natural sunscreen contains only plant-derived ingredients that work in harmony with marine life.

So, strip off your clothes, slap on some natural sunscreen and bathe in those life-affirming rays and take a minimum of 1,000IU of vitamin D per day to top up your levels.


bareskinbeauty280pxJuliette Scarfe’s mission in life – is to create exquisite skincare, drawing upon her knowledge of nutrition, vitality and wellness. Bare Skin Beauty was borne out of my determination to formulate and hand produce skincare with love, made with the finest, raw ingredients for radiant, blissfully youthful, healthy skin. take a look at her website for further details on treatments and products that make up the Bareskin Beauty range.


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