Zaibatsu’s the way to do it.

Zaibatsu280pxIt is certainly not dressed the way you would expect, Zaibatsu on Trafalgar Road is one you could definitely miss. Looking more like a quiet takeaway than a highly functioning Sushi bar you would be forgiven for just walking by.
Thankfully though, the exterior hides real talent which secretly provides Greenwich with a fantastic option for Asian food. YoSushi this is not. There are no conveyor belt mass produced dishes here – it’s just made to order and served by an uber efficient team of two.
Dickson the owner (Chinese by birth) trained in 5 star Hotels and Restaurants across Malaysia. He is highly skilled and clearly loves what he does. A quiet guy who definitely lets his food do the talking he lovingly prepares speciality dishes like Buttermilk and Oat King Prawns garnished with edible flowers carved from radishes and carrots.

Now you’ve noticed it, you will note his loyal following of diners filing in for lunch and dinner before leaving with smug smiles. Why? Because of the stark difference in how it looks on the outside to the service and welcome you get from within. As a customer you feel like you are part of some underground secret sushi club. You leave, take a few steps back admire the shop front and walk away shaking your head with a “well who’d of thought of that” moment.

But now, the secret is out and deservedly so.

But what does this mean if you have kids? Plenty. For starters this place is not all about raw fish. The menu is packed with lots of toddler and baby friendly options like Maki with vegetables and chicken. Great for little hands who like to explore and feel new textures. For older children why not have them try a Temaki (or ice cream roll) that wide cone shape filled with ingredients that spill out at one end. Alternatively there are always the hot options like the Teriyaki and Rice which aren’t necessarily hot or spicy.

Dicksons food is highly visual which makes it great for small kids. Space inside is limited so we’d suggest going for an earlier lunch/dinner and definitely leave the pram at home as there is no additional space to store them.
For those of you who have dismissed this type of dining as something that you can’t share with your children, you really need to think again.
At Zaibatsu you certainly can take the kids and we think it provides the best introduction in Greenwich. Our kids love food and Zaibatsu and we’re sure yours will too!
UPDATE: the secret’s well and truly out now as Zaibatsu is currently ranking 16th out of 16k+ restaurants on Trip Advisor. Well done Dickson!

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