5 Top Tips for a Hassle Free kids haircut!

Ego Hair & Beauty was established in 1999, since that time hair trends have certainly come and gone, however for some parents one thing seem to remain a constant dilemma … kids haircuts. Or as we prefer, young people’s haircut!

Simply put, here at Ego we cut young people’s hair and are extremely happy to do so.

Why are we happy?

Well firstly, it helps many of our parent clients in that they already feel confident with Ego and secondly, we view today’s young clients as tomorrow’s adult clients. It is that simple. Faced with an increasing number of hair salons that now simply refuse to cut young people and the usually limited options available at men’s barber shops, it’s no wonder that some parents view their children’s hair as one big hassle. It doesn’t need to be!


We offer 16 year olds and under 10% discount at all times, on any day, with any stylist. This includes advanced bookings. On a Tuesday and Wednesday we offer a young persons hair cut & finish for £20 with selected stylists.

This represents a minimum 50% discount on Adult prices.

Again, these appointments can be booked in advance. On a Thursday and Friday we offer the same £20 appointment on a “walk in” or “same day booking” basis with selected stylists.

Here are our 5 Top Tips for a hassle free kids haircut;

1. Pick a child friendly salon

As silly as it sounds, try and pick a salon like ours that welcomes children of all ages. Most don’t like cutting childrens hair and will often refuse. Speak to other Greenwichmums to find one that has the time and patience to look after your little ones. Ours does.

2. Speak up

Let the salon know if this is their first ever haircut or if your child doesn’t like the hairdressers – don’t keep quiet. If we know in advance we can book more time in case we run over.

3. Timing is everything

Don’t bring them in when they are tired, hungry, sick or have just been to the doctor! You know the best time of day for your child. Speak to the salon to understand when they are not so busy – and if you have more than one child don’t take them at the same time until you know that they are both ok with the whole the experience.

4. Distractions

Books, toys and games Ipads, phones – whatever will distract them. The usual copy of OK! magazine or our colour chart is unlikely to engage them for long!

5. Practice, practice, practice

If your child does not let you go near their head at home then a stylist will have no chance. Make sure you brush and wash their hair on a regular basis so they get used to people touching their head and hair.

And finally, rest assured apart from during Training School, we never let a trainee or unqualified stylist anywhere near either yours or your children’s hair. It’s a disgrace that some salons do so without telling the parent and my advice would be to always check before you book!

We are now extremely proud to have many teenagers and 20 something clients whose first visit to Ego was in a pram! Please feel free to contact us for more information or even to book an appointment

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Jim is the proud co owner and manager of ego, involved in all aspects of the day to day and leader in future development, Jim takes great pride in ego's outstanding reputation for quality!

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