Parents Pandemic Guide

So it happened. From today schools, nurseries and universities will close their doors until further notice. Every email I’ve received over the last few days from other organisations is the same and quite rightly so. Closed until further notice!

Pandemic Guide

We all need to follow the government’s advice and socially distance ourselves. Buy only what we need and look out for our elderly neighbours and the vulnerable. For some of us that will mean twelve weeks. Whilst we adjust to these uncertain times, we also need to educate our kids, keep them entertained and also active. But most importantly calm.

As parents ourselves we’ve been feeling the same anxieties as you have. How do you emergency homeschool your children? – so we put together this list of 44 Virtual Educational Resouces to get you all going. What about the fun stuff like craft? – here we’ve got part one of our 100 Craft Activities For Kids. Then if you do need to self isolate for 14 days you’ll really need our Lockdown Activities and 50 Films for kids 5-11+ You also need to keep the kids moving so here is some Exercise Games for the whole family regardless of the space you have.

Then through all of the madness, you like us will need to find time to work. So check out our guide to staying sane as a work from home parent.

For the Summer months, we have our Summer Bucket List that will take into account any Social Distancing. Giving you 61 ideas to see you to September.

If you’re feeling a bit down and overwhelmed by it all you’ll also need some tips on positivity.

Or maybe you just want some really nice bread!

Our aim is to keep you updated with activities and plenty of info during this time and we really hope you enjoy the posts above as much as we did in putting them together!

Make sure you also keep an eye on our social media as you’ll be seeing more of us here with daily inspiration!

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