Out & About in Greenwich

A series of articles charting life in Greenwich as a Greenwichmum.

School of Thought

Are you thinking about your children's next educational steps? I know I am. We have Secondary schools and the 11+ to think about along with a preschool to consider for our three. So if you too have a big educational move coming up and would like to … [Read more...]

Worlds Oceans Day In Greenwich

Ever walk up to the ocean, stare at the blue vastness and listen to the waves rolling in and suddenly a sense of calm washes over you?  New research has shown that just seeing an ocean greatly reduces a person’s stresses and anxieties.  I don't … [Read more...]

Greenwich+Docklands International Fair 2019

Greenwich+Docklands International Fair 2019 aka GDIF is back! That's right bigger and better for 2019, and in our opinion, one of the best annual festivals Greenwich Borough has to offer. We've taken a look at the line-up and pulled out the best … [Read more...]

Rachel McMillan Ofsted Outstanding

Rachel McMillan Nursery School is a Local Authority State Nursery School, in the heart of the Deptford community. Right on our doorstep here in Greenwich. First opened in 1914, they are world-renowned, Ofsted Outstanding Nursery School thought to be the … [Read more...]

Curious New Builds In Sutcliffe Park

As part of IKEA Greenwich's launch, IKEA has partnered with London-based designers, such as Hattie Newman, Adam Furman and Supermundane to create special IKEA Greenwich wildlife homes. The beautifully bright homes will house local wildlife such as … [Read more...]

Spring at Greenwich Theatre

Spring at Greenwich Theatre The pantomime may be behind us (oh yes it is!) but there is a host of innovative, inclusive and exciting performances for the whole family at Greenwich theatre in February. There’s even an exclusive discount for all … [Read more...]

Is Your School Top Of The Class?

Pat yourself on the back Greenwich parents as the Department for Education (DfE) has published 2018's SAT’s results, with Conway Primary, Meridian Primary and Our Lady of Grace Catholic Primary, joint top three in the borough with a whopping 90% The … [Read more...]

October is Walk to School Month

October is Walk to School Month - Which is an excellent opportunity for children to join hundreds of thousands of other pupils across the world in celebrating the daily walk to school. Sadly new figures released by DfT in September 2018) revealed that … [Read more...]

International Talk Like A Pirate Day

Ahoy, Mateys! Wednesday 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day!   This is a great day to get all our inner pirate out. Grab your eye patch and your sword and get ready for an adventure! So, how do we celebrate this amazing day?   Here … [Read more...]

Your School Uniform Checklist

School Uniforms can be overwhelmingly overwhelming. Here’s our list of everything you're likely to need.  If like us, your school has no uniform then use the same list for a base set of “school only clothes” saving the very best togs for occasions and … [Read more...]

School’s Out for Summer!

When it comes to the summer holidays knowledge is power. And with six weeks stretching out before us we all know that we need to be on our toes to fend off those inevitable questions like "what are we doing today" or god forbid the "I'm bored" statement … [Read more...]

Focus On Charlton

Cross Blackheath from the top of Greenwich Park, and you’ll soon find yourself in leafy Charlton, and it's not all about the Football Club! In fact, one of the oldest settlements in London, with an Iron Age hill fort was excavated in Maryon Park, back in … [Read more...]

Sensational Summer Activities!

Are you looking for sensational summer holiday activities?     With the six-week holiday fast approaching, every parent is thinking about how to get through the holiday time with activities, events and exciting things to do that won't … [Read more...]

Armed Forces Day Great Greenwich Get Together 2018

The Royal Borough of Greenwich has many strong long-standing links with our Armed Forces. From Maritime Greenwich through to the Barracks at Woolwich and the old munitions factories on the new Riverside Development of Berkeley Homes. Its also something … [Read more...]

Are you ready for Greenwich Festival Fever?

Festival Fever hits Greenwich this month kicking off a season that really does have an event for everyone and every budget. From books to sailing, parks to comedy, you'll be sure to find an event that you and your family will love. Starting this week and … [Read more...]

Take Easter like a Crack Commando

Easter Half Term...If your Parenting patience cracked as fast as those Chocolate Eggs, then take a look at our Easter Half Term roundup and take back your sanity and ability to pull magical events and activities out of the air for this Easter … [Read more...]

12 Things Every First Aid Kit Should Have

First Aid Kit? Everyone (parent or not) should have a home first aid kit ready to go should an emergency arise. If you have small kids, being prepared with up-to-date equipment becomes even more critical. It also gives you a sense of more control and much … [Read more...]

Grab Half Term Like A Boss!

Half Term - two words that have the ability to strike fear into every parent or parents trying to keep their troops happy and entertained. In only a week in length, it's not long enough for true boredom to set in. But as any parent will tell you a … [Read more...]

Get the Kids Outdoors This Summer

Summer is time for outdoor fun with the kids. However, sometimes the days are long, and your ideas are short. Here are some thoughts and helpful shopping links to help you make sure your little ones are busy bees getting lots of fresh air this … [Read more...]

Christmas at the Pavilion Cafe in Greenwich Park

Here for Christmas at the Pavilion Cafe we have worked on some new exciting items to add to our range for the festive holidays. Our long serving Chef John has worked on some baked items including a gluten free polenta loaf that is amazingly moist … [Read more...]