Get the Kids Outdoors This Summer

Summer is time for outdoor fun with the kids. However, sometimes the days are long, and your ideas are short.

Here are some thoughts and helpful shopping links to help you make sure your little ones are busy bees getting lots of fresh air this summer.

outdoor fun with the kids

Flat Stanley’s

Lay on the patio and take turns outlining each other with chalk. You can decorate your flat selves with clothing, funny faces and other chalk detailing. Make it interesting, by reading the book “Flat Stanley.”


With gardening, kids learn science, have responsibility and lots of fun by planting a garden and maintaining it. In fact, you can make everything edible. No garden? Plant up a window box, a terrarium or balcony pots. Blueberry, herbs, and little fruit trees are all easy to maintain. Some veggies, like tomatoes, require nothing but a lot of water and sunshine. Start small and see what happens.

Hula Hoops

Has your child ever tried to hula-hoop? Then show him or her how. Then, take the hoops and make a pretend circus or try to get your dog or cat to jump through. You are always only limited by your imaginations.


Teach your kids how to play hopscotch. Let them draw their patterns, and If like me, they’ll make tonnes of squares and hop around all day long. Perfect until the summer rain washes it away and you start again.


Bubbles are always a favourite. Take turns chasing and popping them. Add some funky disco tunes and blow bubbles with various wand sizes to see how their shapes differ. Try adding a food colouring to the soapy water for a different effect.

Turn on the sprinklers

There’s no need to buy a paddling pool when the sprinklers are just as fun. There is always something special about running around in the garden through the sprinklers with damp grass between the toes.

Print out this list, pin it to the fridge and keep it handy for the next time your children say – mum, we’re bored!