October is Walk to School Month

October is Walk to School Month – Which is an excellent opportunity for children to join hundreds of thousands of other pupils across the world in celebrating the daily walk to school.

walk school

Sadly new figures released by DfT in September 2018) revealed that 14 per cent of kids killed on our roads last year were between 7-9am and 23 per cent between 3-5pm – the school run hours.

We all know that walking to school is one of the best ways to kickstart your day. But getting to school on foot isn’t as easy as it should be. Maybe your exploring how walking to school could work for you, or want to campaign for better routes, take a look at Living Streets guide/kit to the Family Walk to School. You can download it here.

Did you know the Top 10 most annoying things about the school run are…

2 – Cars parking on the pavements (50%)
3 – Too much traffic on the roads (45%)
4 – Bad weather (41%)
5 – Feeling rushed (35%)
6 – Dangerous crossing points in the road (33%)
7- Parents and/or child(ren) forgetting something (28%)
8- Poor street conditions (narrow pavements, litter, dog mess) (28%)
9 – Child(ren) squabbling (19%)
10 – Having to travel a long distance to/ from the school (9%)

walk school walk school walk school