You only stop learning when you die.

I’m not 100% sure who actually coined this phrase, but I’m more than happy to use it here as we have a look at what’s been occurring down ego way since my last blog!


In short, we’ve been getting on with what we do best in hair and beauty! However, the last three months have also seen us undertake a number of staff development sessions in the hair department. We’ve had Paul Mitchell Colour sessions and ongoing cutting sessions with our Sassoon and Aveda Trainer. You may well have seen our appeals for hair models for these sessions!?

Now, what do we mean by staff development though?

New skills? New procedures?Improving existing skills and procedures? New knowledge?

All of the above in fact!

Yes, we’ve been here since 1999 and between the staff, have almost 100 years of experience! Yes, we’re extremely busy and you might be excused for thinking “what is there still to learn” or “are you merely reinventing the wheel here guys” !?!?

Believe me, I’ve heard similar sentiments on numerous occasions from existing clients who are obviously very happy with what we’re already doing with their hair!

Our belief, however, is that you cannot stand still in hairdressing. Failure to move forward will eventually mean you’re actually moving backwards as others take a step forwards!

Providing fantastic hair for our clients is our aim and might at times seem an easy job? Easy? Mmmm, enjoyable but not necessarily easy!

Personally, I see our job as a combination of hard work, great knowledge and creativity in equal measure!

That’s why, during these sessions, we revisit good practice in colouring and cutting skills, investigate and trial new products and procedures and encourage creativity and individuality within the staff.

We’re finding that if you get the first two in place, inspiration and creativity often follows as a result!

Would we expect top sportsmen and women not to practice despite their successes? I cannot imagine how many 3 foot putts Tiger Woods hit on the practice green during his pomp!?

Yeah sure, we’ve also encountered some less useful trainer input over the years. We once had a young guy from some company come in and encourage us to use a wood chisel to cut hair!!

Yup, a wood chisel be damned!!

When we enquired as to how this was any different from using the commonly accepted razor that we all have and use where required, he was somewhat lost for words! I think he might have mentioned “novelty value” just before he was asked to leave! He took the chop sticks he’d been using as hair clips with him!

All true, I promise and just a good example of how the wheel is certainly not being re invented at Ego.

A little oiling of the wheel every now and then doesn’t go amiss mind…….

Thanks for listening


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Jim is the proud co owner and manager of ego, involved in all aspects of the day to day and leader in future development, Jim takes great pride in ego's outstanding reputation for quality!

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