Why you should never exercise to lose weight

I often watch the people in the gym who are our most committed members, and talk to them about their exercise routines, goals and aspirations.

judit1We have a group of guys whom come rain or shine, always make it down to the gym and do their exercises. When I talk to these people, the first things I notice is how much they enjoy moving. They don’t really talk about weight loss or muscle gain, diets or what they expect as an outcome, they just seem to come and exercise because they love moving.

Just as the latest figures proved that 98% of all diets fail, we also noticed a high failure rate for people who exercise for weight loss.

They usually lose a little bit of weight by forcing their body into the state of starvation, deprivation or fatigue due to over-exercising and once they can’t push themselves any further, will then come the phase when they put all the weight back on or even more than they lost.

The quick fix approach unfortunately has been encouraged by the fitness industry, but at LoveFitness we are using our own experience and knowledge to tell our clients the truth. The is no quick fix, diets don’t work and exercise isn’t a good tool for weight loss either.

Why should we practise movements rather than exercise?

Exercise is usually done in hope of reaching your goals in contrast to movement, which is done because of the enjoyment of the process.

When we teach our clients movements, they use it to improve themselves at the sport they play, enhance the quality of their life or just take advantage of learning new skills and a satisfying way of moving.

We always encourage them to discover a sport, a type of movement or a class they really like such as yoga, gymnastics, ballet, hiking, triathlons, Kettlebell training, rugby, etc.

Funnily the people who aren’t expecting results or are the ones who are in really good shape. Just look at athletes. They really don’t care about the way they look, they just want to be good at their sport which they do because they love taking part in it.

When you give up on weight loss and do things you enjoy you will most likely to lose weight, so try to give up, let go and enjoy!

About Judit Rago

Judit Rago works as a Personal Trainer in the Arches Leisure Centre and teaches Kettlebell classes as well as One-on-One client PT. You can contact her on judit@lovefitnessonline.com if you would like to find out more! www.lovefitnessonline.com.

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