Why Love Fitness?

I have been in the fitness industry for close to a decade and wasn’t at all surprised by a research that came out recently proving that 98% of diets fail, meaning the participants end up putting the weight back on or even end up heavier than at the start of the diet.

Judit RagoI also happen to know that over exercising for weight loss also has pretty much the same rates of failure.
I am quite confident to say that every diet and any kind of restriction requires willpower and when we need to use willpower we almost always get back to square one or end up even worse off.
Why doesn’t will power work? Why do we feel as if we are weak or lazy if thing don’t work out with our plans?
I pretty much know why, as I seen this happen to a lot of clients over the years.
Let’s say comes January and you decide that the spare tyre needs to go. You get down to the gym and tell the personal trainer there that you are willing to do anything that will get you a flat tummy. Your trainer then prescribes you a workout that you thoroughly dislike however you get on with it as you really want that flat tummy. On top of that you’ve been banned to eat anything apart from meat and veg and an occasional piece of fruit.
You carry on for a few weeks and you realise that it gets harder and harder to motivate yourself to get on with the workouts and eventually start to slack, then your routine spirals out of control and BANG: you joined the 98%.
I can assure you that if this happens to you neither are you weak nor lazy. You just need to find out what that other 2 % does to succeed at diet and exercise plans to understand why you couldn’t carry on.
It’s pretty simple: they love what they eat, the way they exercise and move and/or had a life changing experience of some sort.
It could be that they found a sport, a way of exercising that they absolutely love, a class, yoga, walking or a hobby which gives them tremendous joy. They thoroughly enjoy the food they eat and have no cravings.
When you do what you love, you don’t care about the results, you just enjoy the journey and that’s when you actually allow change to happen.
This is exactly our philosophy. Come to us because you love the way we train you and not because you want to lose weight. If you want to have fun and enjoy your time training we don’t need to guarantee you results it will come to you the most natural way without forcing your body into hard exercise plans or strict diets.
We encourage you to find a way of exercising and eating that you love and makes you feel good . The key to results is this simple: love exercise, love food and love life.
We have a large variety of clients whom we helped to find the way to love exercise, food and life and perhaps can help you too.

About Judit Rago

Judit Rago works as a Personal Trainer in the Arches Leisure Centre and teaches Kettlebell classes as well as One-on-One client PT. You can contact her on judit@lovefitnessonline.com if you would like to find out more! www.lovefitnessonline.com.

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