UH, OH what about Daddy?

We were busy on Mother’s Day with a café full of three generations but Dads you’re a lucky lot, with almost 2 weeks still to go until June 21st the mums are beating you hands down on the thoughtfulness stakes…

Baby in the family?

punkmeup_fathersday_imprintWith just under 2 years between my boys, I remember what it was like having a newborn and a 2 year old and how hard it was to do most things: so when our mums come in, it’s a pleasure to have a cuddle with baby.

These last few days I’ve danced with Wolfie, jiggled with Churchill and tickled plenty of tootsies while Mums put those finishing touches to that hand-made gift.

Our kiln room is packed full with clay imprints, drying and awaiting their first firing, the whole process takes around 3 weeks from start to finish, so if you haven’t made yours already, why not book in on Father’s Day (Sunday June 21st) and we can make a special Daddy and Me imprint instead.

Pasta eater or coffee drinker?

punkmeup_pastabowl Our dads and granddads seem to enjoy eating pasta (featured wobbly bowl £15 + studio fees) and drinking coffee (mugs £11 – £15 + studio fees) as we can’t re-stock these items quickly enough. We can help you print hands and feet onto your favourite ceramics, and have these items ready for you within a week or quicker if you use the FAST TRACK discount code below.

Ssshhh we don’t want to spoil the surprise…

The only problem with involving our children in making gifts for people is that once able to talk, anything is rarely a secret or surprise!

Tonight’s to do list:

1. Paint ceramics for Papa (ours is a Charlotte Mei character plate)
2. Work out how to fire them without him doing it himself!


It normally takes us 7 days to glaze and fire your ceramics but quote this discount code GMUMSFST and we’ll fast-track your items for FREE.

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