Let’s get down to the Nitty Gritty

Nitty Gritty

Ahh, the Nitty Gritty, bugs, nits, lice, fleas. Words that will strike fear into the hearts of many a parent!

It’s a horrible sinking feeling knowing that your child has brought home little friends and an all-consuming process to check repeatedly and treat everyone properly.

Head lice are a big community and family problem, with about 80% of cases affecting school-aged children, i.e. 4 – 16-year-olds.

It’s also worth remembering that head lice cannot fly, jump or swim.

They climb through the hair and hold on with the claws at the end of their legs. It’s also an old wives tale that they prefer clean heads.

Lice are happy on any head, straight/curly clean/dirty, short/long, blonde, ginger or dark! They feed on blood by biting the scalp.

So let’s get down to The Nitty Gritty.

January 31st, June 15th and October 31st are National Bug Busting Days, many schools up and down the UK will be on the lookout for these wee beasties in a combined effort to stamp them out. But you don’t need to wait – regular weekly checking, even a quick look, makes all the difference!

At Greenwichmums.com, we’ve put together this beautiful infographic called The Nitty Gritty. Yours to download, print and share as you see fit.

Come on, let’s win the war on bugs this year!

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