Simple home workouts for busy working parents

Bright Horizons Family Solutions was founded to provide an innovative solution to the lack of affordable, high-quality, childcare for working families. The core business and expertise is employer-sponsored dependent care, and they are proud to partner with many respected organisations in both the private and public sectors to provide workplace nurseries and childcare programmes.

Bright Horizons are opening a new Day Nursery & Preschool in Greenwich and here share some helpful hints about easy home workouts for busy working parents.

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As a busy working parent, finding time to indulge in a little ‘me’ time can often be a careful balancing act – whether it’s a good book and a leisurely coffee or perhaps a wander round the local shopping centre.

But what do you do when your ‘me’ time is the gym or exercising? Exercising can be a very important part of our wellbeing and research shows that exercise helps us stay healthy, be more energetic and supports our posture and circulation.

Often as a parent we may struggle to find the time or the energy to exercise, especially as we keep up with our children, jobs, commuting and lots of household chores and activities. At home workouts aren’t for everyone but as a working parent, they can be great and a very simple way to squeeze in some exercise (even when we may only have a few minutes!), here are a few ideas and sources for home workouts:

Indoor Fitness Ideas for Working Parents

1. Workout DVDs
Workout DVDs can be great, especially if it is a little wet or cold outside! With so many available, it’s definitely worth having a look around and perhaps trialling a few or watching a clip online first before purchasing. There are also different DVDs for different levels of fitness and health goals – from a general workout to the very popular such as, Insanity (a high intensity workout routine) and also those that are endorsed by celebrities.

It is also worth considering the routine and how much space you have available too, which can often be a big factor if the video asks you to jump or move around!

2. Online guides, videos and apps.
With a wealth of information available, the internet can be a great starting point for tips and routines to do at home. There are lots of guides available on how to perfect specific poses and also advice on how regular to complete your workout – including calendars and diaries.

As technology continues to advance, there are lots of apps available which are filled with advice to help you achieve a great workout, while also tracking your progress.

3. Pinterest
Pinterest also has some great ideas for home workouts too, with lots of exercises you can complete to make up a workout which is tailored to you. The routines can be a little less intense than the videos however, they’re great to guide yourself and make the most of your session.

Finding the time to Workout

Take advantage of every opportunity.
When the weather is nice, consider walking an extra few steps rather than hopping straight into the car or vehicle. Choosing the stairs rather than the escalator or lift is also a quick way to add in a little bit of exercise to your day. Why not venture outside on your lunch or take a walk?

Combining exercise with the household chores
Take a walk to complete any errands or perhaps go on a bike ride. Why not also put some music on while you do the vacuuming or cleaning and dusting?

If you enjoy reading or watching television or a film, using an exercise bike or doing a few sit-ups or push-ups can be a simple way to exercise.
It’s great if you have the chance to go to the gym, take a walk or attend a class but when it’s not possible, there are lots of ways you can fit exercise into your routine.

Have you got any ideas or tips?

Throughout the last 30 years, Bright Horizons have been committed to providing naturally inspiring and exceptional childcare and education for children aged from 3 months to 5 years. With over 200 nurseries in the UK and Ireland and a wealth of experience, we are proud to be recognised for excellence in childcare and family solutions.

For more information about Greenwich Day Nursery and Preschool please visit our website.

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Bright Horizons are trusted to provide children and families with naturally inspiring, exceptional care and education. With more than 200 nurseries across the UK, they care for over 15,000 children each week. They are guided by their mission and their brand pillars of Keeping Everyone Safe and providing a World Class Education, delivered by a World Class Workforce.

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