Silvertown Tunnel Gets Go-Ahead

Yesterday Transport for London confirmed that the Riverlinx consortium had been appointed to design, build, finance and maintain the new Silvertown Tunnel. Signing the 1 Billion pound contract with the firm. This twin-bore road tunnel under the Thames in east London will link our Greenwich Peninsula and Silvertown. We hear that construction could begin in next year, with the new crossing expected to open from 2025.

Artists Impression of Silvertown Entrance and Exit

The scheme we are told will reduce congestion at the Blackwall Tunnel and improve the reliability and resilience of the more extensive road network. Transforming East London’s cross-river bus network in the process. It’s clear we need a crossing and traffic solution in Greenwich but is Silvertown Tunnel it?

Since gaining permission for the tunnel in May 2018 TfL has worked with landowners, local boroughs and stakeholders about construction logistics and access requirements for residents, visitors and local businesses. However, opposition remains strong. 

Matthew Pennycook, our Labour MP for Greenwich, tweeted yesterday that he was “bitterly disappointed”. “I don’t consider this the end of the matter and will continue to vociferously campaign against this ill-conceived scheme.”

Twitter Account for M Penncook 11:33am 25th Nov 2019

Once open, drivers must pay a user charge for using either the Blackwall or the Silvertown Tunnel. The exact charge levels for what type of vehicles will be decided closer to the opening date.

But what about air quality? Modelling shows there may be a small localised impact and Tfl have said they will put measures in place to make sure any increase is minimised. 

They also plan to:

  • Have most of the construction material transported by the river.
  • On-site construction machinery will meet the Mayor’s Non-Road Mobile Machinery Low Emission Zone Standards.
  • With vehicles working on the scheme will be Euro VI and comply with the Mayor’s Direct Vision Standard.

For further details on all the plans and timelines, you can view documents here on the National Planning and Infrastructure website.

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