Party Season means Party Hair!!

Have you ever invested time and money in finding that perfect dress, a tuxedo Mr Bond would be proud of or some amazing fancy dress costume just to be stood in front of the mirror, taxi beeping his horn outside and thought aloud…

“oh, I wish I’d sorted my hair out”?!….


It’s an easy mistake to make.

We carry our hair around all day, every day and are normally happy just to consider its length, it’s cleanliness ( I hope!!) and increasingly for many clients, it’s colour!

But what to do, when your great cut and your “almost professional” home blow dry just ain’t topping off your best laid plans for stealing the party limelight!?!

Simply, you’ve never had it so good, when it comes to professional help!!

Having your hair put up no longer means going formal and coming on all Audrey Hepburn!!

New and flexible tools now allow us a more relaxed, funky updo if that’s what’s called for!

A recent surge in affordable and good quality hair pieces let us sculpt bigger and longer than ever before and hair accessories, both classic and modern, have become a whole market of their own!

Perhaps the most significant advance however, was the development of the Ghd Iron which we soon sussed would not only let us straighten hair like never before, but also curl and wave to our hearts content!

Ghd are certainly not a company to miss a trick however and now we have it even easier with their new Ghd Curve range, specifically designed and capable of pretty much everything this side of poker straight!

We have them, we use them and, in fact, we have Ghd’s Curve maestro, Antoine running an in-salon training day on party hair next week!!

If you’re planning partying this season and fancy wowing the crowd, then look no further!

We do free consultations to discuss your ideas and would love to help you achieve that perfect look!

Now, where’s that Fred Flintstone tunic I ordered!?

Enjoy the season and thanks for listening!

About Jim Matthews

Jim is the proud co owner and manager of ego, involved in all aspects of the day to day and leader in future development, Jim takes great pride in ego's outstanding reputation for quality!

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