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March is makeover month and I am certainly the spell of Spring. the daffodils are out and the shops are full of pretty pastels.

March is also for Mothers and this year Health Poverty Action has organised a sponsored walk in Greenwich Park. Come and join me (17TH) in tackling the 10k route to help highlight those mothers who unlike us have to walk miles and miles to access a clinic during pregnancy. To make things that little bit harder I intend to push the twins along the way to!

After I Intend to put my feet up and have greenwichDad make me a nice cup of this fab White tea.

for a Spring in your step and in your skin

It’s made from the youngest buds of the tea plant and contains an unusually high amount of anti-oxidants which are exactly what you need to give your skin that youthful and supple appearance. Plus all that goodness is held together with the delicious flavours of elderflower and apricot. Go to www.londontea.co.uk for the full range!

I’m also coveting these but figure i’d never get up the hills in the park!

hoping into my kitchen very soon

This stunning vibrant collection of 15 assorted cocoa based biscuits. Included are; 6 varying flowers, 3 colourful bunny rabbits, 3 hatching chicks and some little eggs with beautiful royal icing designs. made with love, we also use; organic honey, free range eggs.

I think they would make a great Easter gift and would look perfect on the table with other pretty china

Priced £24.99 from www.biscuitvillage.co.uk

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  1. So we did it! We powered around the park in pouring rain in 45 Mins! Our March for Mothers was very successful! Moaning wasn’t really an option as we had the worlds oldest marathon runner with us. At 101 years young this chap put us all to shame as he zoomed off into the distance.

    On the day we had raised enough to train 5 new midwives to work in some of the most poorest communities around the globe.

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