Out & About in January

Christmas is over and the New Year begins like a fresh clean page in a new diary.  Begging to be filled with interesting events, invitations and “things to do” First on my list is a detox. I’m not a smoker or a real drinker, but I must be the healthiest unhealthiest person I know.

This week the health select committee realised new guidelines on alcohol consumption. Do you know how many units you should drink? I didn’t until today, and although I go nowhere near these limits it really got me thinking about my wine o clock and my lack of real healthy habits, i.e. exercise!

So tomorrow I’m off to Greenland’s, to stock up on all those things one stocks up on, you know the funky tea’s and bird seed food. I’ve ordered the weekly shop minus the bread and the heavy starches and I’m even planning weekly Yoga lessons.

To kick start this New Year, new me I’m going to take great pleasure in cashing in one of my Christmas Gifts. GreenwichDad answered my prayers and has given me the gift of relaxation “the Sunday Spa” treat to help me feel refreshed and renewed courtesy of SoOrganic oh and I’m of to the Picturehouse to catch the “Iron Lady” and I may even dust of an electric blue ensemble in her honour!

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