National Maritime Museum Cafe

Our menus at National Maritime Museum Cafe are designed to offer freshly handmade British food from early morning through to early evening, consisting of freshly baked goods, healthy salads and fresh deli sandwiches, hearty plates and delicious afternoon teas with home-baked cakes and pastries.

Your MumsCard is accepted in both The Brasserie upstairs in the Sammy Ofer wing and Cafe below


Sammy Ofer Wing
National Maritime Museum
SE10 9NF

Opening Hours

09:00 – 17:30 Everyday

We Say…

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  1. Food and drink selection is great, toilet and change facilities are also great. However, the design of the space could be so much better-it’s really tight to get with buggy to the ordering bit/tills and even worse to collect your hot drink. I’m sure this could be improved on really easily so that it wasn’t such a bottleneck/hassle.