Little Agency Secrets (Part one) by Simon Hughes

Did you know that an estate agent is not paid simply to sell your home. Can you believe that?

Seriously, many people think that all estate agents do is ‘chuck’ the property on Rightmove (or similar portals) and wait for the phone to ring off the hook and choose the best offer. Well, I wish it was that easy, but there is a science to the trade of selling homes!


A monkey can put a property online, but the real skill and the time consuming and stressful part of our job is to get the deal through to completion.

After all, we don’t get paid unless we can do this well.

We need to skilfully mediate between buyers, seller along with both sets of solicitors. At any point of the transaction, if we are not diligent and do not mediate correctly, then the deal can easily fall apart as emotions run high. Ask any good estate agent and they will tell you of many (if not most) transactions where, if they were not involved, the deal would have collapsed.

This is what you pay your estate agent for, not the initial sale.

Of course you want the best price and the cheapest fee and at every valuation, without fail, these are the biggest two questions. Whilst these are important questions for sure, the biggest question should be “what skills do you possess to ensure that when you find me a great buyer you are highly experienced to keep my buyer in place” or “how will you negotiate on my behalf to ensure that you get me the best price from an honourable buyer”.

I heavily invest in training my teams in many aspects of successful estate agency but most importantly progression skills, mediation skills and of course negotiation skills. This is why time after time we get our customers the very best price for their home……. and ensure it goes through!

Last month alone I can confidently say that without our intervention not many sales would have gone through. Our customers will happily testify this and in fact many voluntarily do at:

Next week in Part Two, I have another dirty little industry secret for you…

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