Introducing OneLane…

Giving up your days running kids around from activity to activity is a regular thing for most parents, almost like a rite of passage.

Whether it’s after school during the week or over the weekend, it’s not unusual to see mums and dads like you and me, striving to fit it all in, waiting around at venues and quite frankly, just the thought of what you could be doing is enough to drive you a little bit round the bend…


Whilst I love that my girls have varied interests and like to take part in extra curricular activities, sometimes it just doesn’t work with family life.

Maybe one of your children wants to take up gymnastics at the same time as their sibling’s ballet class starts on the other side of town or maybe your partner needs the car that particular day, so you have to take the bus with the kids and all their kit. Great!

That’s why, when we heard about OneLane we got a little bit excited.

OneLane, is a ride scheduling app for children, which is perfect for parents like us who are pushed for time or in need of extra driving hands. Its drivers, who are all registered childcare professionals, are very possibly the safest on the road – it’s almost like childcare on wheels!

Firstly, you get a dedicated driver for your family who you can meet her face to face before any ride is taken or also ride along if you want too. Also, you get handy real-time updates on the journeys progress each step of the way. Plus, if you’ve got friends doing the same classes and activities their kids can car pool with yours too!

Oh and all the drivers are female… take a peek at the explainer video here…

Now, we love the idea so much that we’ve decided to partner with OneLane to help bring this fantastic service to Greenwich first.

We’re launching an Ambassador program so that you can test out the service and get some some fantastic perks and free features. (first 10 rides FREE!) It’s free to take part and you’ll be the first to test drive any new features so you’ll be jumping the queue.

Want to know more?

If you want to join us – email with the subject Greenwich and a member of the team with be in touch!


If you’d like to try the service, enter the voucher code Greenwich after you join and you’ll get the first 3 rides on us!

More to follow…

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