Helping children to be safe online

ICT and technology is an integral part of our lives. No matter how old we are we find ourselves surrounded by technology at home, at work and in our local environment.

Accessing the internet and going online can be a fantastic activity for children and young people too – with endless amounts of information to digest and lots of different ways to socialise, explore, learn and have fun.


At Bright Horizons, Keeping Everyone Safe is our number one priority and we have worked hard to research and trial the use of different technologies in our nurseries, finding a perfect balance that aligns the elements of a safe and healthy childhood with the unique learning offered by technology.

We’ve included a few tips below on how to help children stay safe online:


  • Have conversations early and often with your children about keeping safe online. Make sure you keep an open and honest channel of communication about what your children are doing online and how to stay safe.

  • Explore the endless learning opportunities online together and the different sites and resources to help them get used to it.

  • Set rules and boundaries for going online from the start. This may include how much time they can spend on the internet, the different sites they can visit and when they can go online.

  • For older children, you may want to consider sharing images and also how to treat people online too.

  • Ensure your homepage is set to a child-friendly website.

  • Use parental controls and safety modes where possible to filter, restrict and monitor content. Internet Service Providers offer controls to help you do this and also some software packages have additional options too. As your child gets older, you can also adapt the level of control you have.

  • Speak to other parents about different websites and resources they would recommend also.

    There are lots of additional guides available too and we’ve included a few links below to help you further:


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