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The Bob Hope Theatre

A spectacular Quasimodo at Bob Hope Theatre. This exciting musical of Victor Hugo’s epic tale of the Hunchback of Notre Dame is set amidst the fear, poverty, and superstition of 15th century France.

Quasimodo at Bob Hope Theatre

This event is suitable for: All ages

This event costs: £12

Pacquette’s beautiful baby girl is stolen and a deformed baby boy left in her place. The local women are horrified and fearful, believing this to be the work of the devil, but Father Frollo calms them down. Grieving Pacquette clings pathetically to her lost baby’s tiny slipper as she sings a farewell lullaby.

Twenty years later the people of Paris are celebrating the ‘Feast of the Fools’ including Quasimodo, the bell ringer, and Esmeralda, the beautiful gypsy, and where the story of unrequited love, romance and desperation is played out.

Very much in the genre of Les Miserables, ‘Quasimodo’ tugs at the heart-strings with its passion and haunting music.

Price: £12


Contact Details

Telephone: 020 8850 3702
Email the team here!
Website URL: www.bobhopetheatre.co.uk


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Location: The Bob Hope Theatre, Wythfield Road, London SE9 5TG


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