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The Bob Hope Theatre

It’s the Iolanthe at Bob Hope Theatre, a Gilbert and Sullivan opera performed by the Ferrier Operatic Society.

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Who has not heard the magnificent ‘Peer’s Chorus’, surely one of Sullivan’s best, or Gilbert’s tongue-twistingly difficult ‘Nightmare Song? And the wonderful overture!

This classic G&S opera tells the story of Iolanthe (a fairy), her son Strephon (half a fairy), his love Phyllis (not a fairy), and the House of Lords led by the Lord Chancellor (all soon to become fairies).

Boy meets girl – boy loses girl – boy and girl get together again. The plot is not unusual in itself, but when Gilbert adds his own unique brand of magic, it takes on a whole new twist.

Price: Please check the website for prices


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Telephone: 020 8850 3702
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Location: The Bob Hope Theatre, Wythfield Road, London SE9 5TG


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