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Stroll through a recreation…

Travel back 350 years to the Great Fire of 1666 in this new, interactive exhibition.

Step into Pudding Lane, the street where the fire began, and see everyday activities of ordinary people in 1666. Then walk right into the oven responsible for causing the fire and discover how the flames spread across London. Become a 17th-century firefighter in a digital game, pack a trunk of possessions you would save from the blaze and try your hand at rebuilding London.

London’s infamous disaster is brought to life with immersive displays, hands-on exhibits, eye witness accounts and a wealth of beautifully displayed historical artefacts that will delight children and adults alike.

Marking the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire of London, the exhibition focuses on life on the eve of the fire, the dramatic events that took place as the blaze burned through a quarter of the city in 1666, and how London recovered from the devastation.

As one of London’s most enduringly popular historical events, Fire! Fire! has a broad appeal, especially with families and school groups.

Fire Fire Museum of London

Fire! Fire! is one of the Museum of London’s most immersive and interactive exhibitions to date, with set works to recreate Pudding Lane and a huge moving panorama of London in flames. A variety of incredibly fragile flame-scarred archaeological artefacts reveals the destructive power of the inferno, while letters from eyewitnesses who escaped conveying the terror and desperation that ordinary Londoners felt in the face of the fire.

Throughout the exhibition, the Museum of London will host a programme of fire themed walks and tours, free afternoon lectures, workshops, family activities, children’s sleepovers and festival days. View events.

Fire! Fire! runs until the 17 April 2017 and is accompanied by a programme of talks and events. Tickets priced from £8 for adults and £4 for children online, family tickets are available. Book now!


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