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Created by Gmums HQ

The Greenwich Theatre

It’s 2057. Planet Earth is on the brink of disaster. A new home needs to be found. Follow Jenny on her journey from part-time pint puller to interplanetary hero in this inspiring and amusing interstellar mission across the solar system.

Will Jenny help secure a future for mankind? Does space hold the answer when all is lost? And how will they get her ready in time? THE MISSION explores mankind’s continuing ambition and endless fascination with outer space, telling the story of Jenny with ensemble movement, puppetry and an original soundtrack.

THE MISSION is the debut production from East 15 graduate company The Outbound Project. The production won the inaugural Les Enfants Terribles Partnership Award, granted by Greenwich Theatre, and after a run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe the show plays in repertory for a week with Sharklegs’ The Inevitable Heartbreak Of Gavin Plimsole, winner of the 2016 Les Enfants Terribles Edinburgh Award.


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Location: Greenwich Theatre,Crooms Hill,London SE10 8ES


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