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We all know that when finance is freely available the housing market booms and when it is taken away, it suffers badly (i.e. The credit Crunch in 2008)!

The mortgage arm of the business is presently experiencing record volumes of business, mainly due to mortgage lenders appetite to grant mortgages coupled with historically low-interest rates.

<p align="justify"With long-term fixed rates priced around the 2% mark (subject to criteria for each borrower) it simply is a great time to make that first move or to upscale your housing requirements.

At Conran Financial we will happily offer a free consultation to anyone wishing to discuss their future requirements. We are Independent Mortgage Advisers so you can be sure to get great advice and fantastic rates.

Simply call 0800 689 3173, email the team or go onto our fantastic website: www.conranfinancial.co.uk to book your free consultation.

About Simon Hughes

Originally a wealth manager by trade, when Simon was given the opportunity to take over an ailing Conran Estates he jumped at it and turned it into the thriving business it is today. Look out for his monthly blog in Greenwichmums where he talks about all things residential.

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