This is not a test….

Although Christmas is still a few weeks away, now is actually the perfect time to sit down and start planning what needs doing and when.

No matter if you’re entertaining for 4 or 44, right now you can write up menus and meal plans, get your kitchen shipshape and Bristol fashion and book those all-important appointments (think hairdresser!) and make a start on a Christmas cake or even the mince pies.

Forward planning is always key to anything, including Christmas, and you’d be surprised at how much you can get done if you start early enough. Starting early also means you have time to look for new recipes or find cost-effective alternatives.  Nigella …eat your heart out!

Get Christmas Ship Shape!

Lots of people Spring clean in Spring, so why not at Christmas? Clear out your fridge and freezer, making room for anything that can be made in advance. Spring clean the cupboards, removing old spices and packets that may have gone out of date. There’s nothing worse than trying to squeeze in pickles and getting a head injury the next time you open the cupboard!

Make sure you’ve got everything you need – if you’ve got guests coming over for the big day, don’t forget to check that you’ve got enough cutlery, plates and glasses for everyone (don’t forget the kids too!) Replace the potato peeler, check sizing on roasting tins and stock up on any freezer bags and Tupperware.

Top Tip – If you are planning on doing an online shop for everything make sure that you book your delivery slot now. I normally grab an early evening Christmas Eve slot, fill the trolley with Andrex, then check it out and amend the order over several weeks making edits right up till 11 pm on the 23rd Dec.

It’s also worth noting that your hairdresser will now take Christmas bookings. So make sure you get that appointment in, especially if you have a special event to attend or don’t want to wait till the middle of January… You can also buy or create your Christmas cards and set them aside to send. However, send out to family and friends in places like Hong Kong and Australia now to avoid a last posting date disaster.

Here are some key postal dates for International Economy, International Standard & International tracking and signature services and HM Forces Mail – British Forces Post Office (BFPO)

For letters to Santa, don’t forget to include your child’s name and address and stamp the envelope!

Santa/Father Christmas,
Santa’s Grotto,

Believe it or not, this is the official Royal Mail address for Santa…

Enjoy your Christmas, and remember it’s not about spending money – it’s about spending time with the ones you love.

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