10 Christmas Craft Activities for Children from LEYF Nurseries

So it’s that time of year again; you’ve sent lists to Santa, decorated the tree and ‘Jingle Bells’ is playing on a loop in your head.

christmas craft activities

But Christmas is also about spending time together. If your little one is of the artistic persuasion, then sitting down to do some festive crafts is a great way to get into the spirit of the season. Here are our ten favourites:


      1. Indoor snow

    We all dream of a white Christmas, but unfortunately that isn’t always a reality (especially in London). Transform your house into a winter wonderland by mixing shaving cream and cornflour together. This can be tons of fun for children – they can use it to decorate a model village or simply play with it. Just be on hand to supervise to make sure they don’t eat any!


      2. Baking

    Okay, technically not a craft but a classic Christmas staple! Together you can bake a whole load of treats; Christmas cookies, Christmas cakes, mince pies – the list goes on. A great way to bond and we could go on forever about the things children learn from baking (fine motor skills, maths and science, understanding food and where it comes from etc. etc.)


      3. Playdough trees

    A new way to use the old favourite. Get out your green playdough and help your child create some Christmas trees shapes. You can make baubles, tinsel and even a little star for the top from your other colours. Then you can place them around the house as festive ornaments!


      4. Snowflakes and paper chains

    Another Christmas classic, making paper chains and snowflakes is a great festive activity. You can be creative with the materials too – try using spare wrapping paper to cover your designs (and remember to supervise your little ones with scissors and glue).


      5. Handprint tree cards

    Sending family and friends Christmas cards is part and parcel of Christmas time – why not get the children involved this year? Fold card or paper in half to create a blank card, then get green paint and get them to print with their hand on the front of the card before decorating it like a Christmas tree.


      6. Sock snowmen

    Fill a white sock with lentils or rice before tying a rubber band around it roughly halfway down. Now you have your snowman’s body. You can then use buttons, felt and a hefty dose of imagination to decorate the snowman and bring him to life!


      7. Homemade baubles

    Get your hands on some table tennis balls and encourage your little one to paint them any colour they like. When they’ve finished, crack out the glitter/other paints/whatever you fancy and decorate them. Put a small length of string through them and you’ve got some great new baubles for your tree! These are lovely to keep and you can get them out of the decoration box every year, reminiscing about making them together.


      8. Flower pot reindeer

    Got some old plant pots lying around? Turn them upside down, stick on a red pom pom (for the nose) and you’ve got your own little Rudolph. Use pipe cleaners for antlers and some felt to make ears. These are be great fun to make and are a lovely outdoor decoration.


      9. Handprint Christmas wreath

    Another handprint one. Help little ones trace round their hands on red and green paper, then cut them out and arrange them onto a ring of card. Now you’ve got an adorable and truly unique wreath for your front door!


      10. Wrapping presents

    Okay so this sounds like a bit of a cop out, but although the novelty may have well and truly worn off for you, lots of children find this really fun! (Sometimes it really is the simple things). Get the little ones to give you a hand with the wrapping and you’ll help improve their hand-eye coordination as well as teaching them about the joy of giving to others…plus it will keep them occupied while you have a glass of mulled wine in front of your favourite Christmas film.


    Do you have any other great Christmas craft activity ideas? We’d love to hear them! Send them to us on Facebook and Twitter, and remember to follow LEYF Nurseries for more tips, tricks and ideas about parenting and early years childcare.

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