100 Crafty Craft Ideas – Part One

Yep, you read that right – We pulled out all the stops on this one. With 100 craft ideas and links to explainer videos to help you keep your children entertained. 

Whether you’re looking for rainy day activities or things to do while we sit and wait out this global pandemic. Sit back and get your craft on with part one of our craft ideas mini-series.

1 – Grab some string, sticks, and whatever else you can find around the garden to make a stunning nature weaving creations and hanging sculptures. Weave in flowers, herbs, pine cones and moss.

2 – Part art, and part meditation mandala art is a calming activity that you can do almost anywhere. Gather lots of objects and start your circles!

3 – Sundials have been around since well forever. Try making one on your own.

4 – Discover the textures and sizes of different seashells by painting them fantastic bright colours! Don’t forget to add sparkles or metallics for the extra wow factor. 

5 – Create kindness and cultivate compassion by painting a rock! Placing them around your garden or when this madness is over around your neighbourhood to cheer up your family and your local community

6 – Sponge balls are just as fun like water balloons—but reusable! Learn how to make them here.

7 – The sheer amount of possibilities are endless when you mix good old glue and a few other materials to create the perfect slime.

8 – Fill water guns with watercolour paint and watch the colours swirl, drip, and splatter with Squirt Gun Painting. Perfect for out in your garden when the sun is shining!

9 – When you bend and cut cardboard tubes, from all the loo roll we’ve been stockpiling….you can create stamps that are perfect for little chubby hands. 

10 – Create hundreds and hundreds of tiny bubbles with a single breath, with a bubble snake.

11 – Is the weather to pants head outdoors into the garden or on a balcony? Then try a game of balloon tennis and get rid some of that excess energy!

12 – Your life is now complete once you follow these three easy peasy steps and make a Straw Whistle, and you soon will be humming a happy tune!

13 – Ever wanted to Tie-dye and just can’t deal with the potential mess? Yes, it can be done! Learn how to create beautiful swirls and designs with Sharpie pens

14 – Kids go through a lot of clothes as they grow especially t-shirts. Make better use of them as they outgrow them by making reuseable bags for around the house. Or for shopping… 

15 – Want to explore the intricate balance of nature within an in a jam jar? They make a Tabletop Biosphere.

16 – When in doubt, make Devil-Dough.

17 – Little ones will just love digging into sensory bins for exploratory play. Just don’t tell them that spiders are inside (or maybe do)

18 – Need to send flowers? Send these instead. Paint and celery the only thing you need!

19 – Any greeting card, Birthday, Christmas or Mothers Day card can be turned into a bookmark with some satin ribbon or even string. That way, you can repurpose those sentimental cards into an everyday item.

20 – Need some ideas for quiet play? Then make a themed busy box!

21 – Keep the magic of the seasons alive by creating a Nature Wand! 

22 – Having an under the sea moment? Then learn the Japanese art of Gyotaku (or fish printing to you, and me)

23 – Sugar cubes are not just for tea and coffee. Make like Inuits and get your little engineers to build houses or Sugar Cube Igloos

24 – Kick up a snowstorm and create a cute winter wonderland inside a mason jar with water, glitter, and some corn syrup. Perfect for those Frozen film-themed afternoons

25 – Don’t recycle that box yet mum! Make pretty Egg Carton Flowers.

26 – Use interesting found objects to create a memory frame or box and preserve your family holiday memories or use them to make a visual reminder of the year that was! 

27 – Great for keeping your car trips screen-free or for any time you want the Kids of the electronics by making an I Spy Bottle.

28 – Want to get the kids in the kitchen? Grab this step-by-step for making ice cream in a bag.

29 – Got some paper bags kicking around? Then make a cute and easy kite. 

30 – What a great way to recycle old papers and magazines. Turn the leftovers into a functional paper mache bowl.

31 – Upgrade your wooden blocks and build towers and forts in any direction with ease with Velcro Blocks. Add strips of velcro and imagination.

32 – Need a wind chime – no problem! Make earth-friendly wind chimes.

33 – No Garden, no problem with these Jar Terrariums.

34 – Bird feeders are great to make, but they also provide hours of entertainment for the kids with the ensuing watching, plus it feeds the local flock!  These are also eco friendly.

35 – Are there fairies at the end of your garden? Take one an old plastic milk jug and turn it into a  Fairy House. That Tinkerbell would love.

36 – The crown jewels will have nothing on your regal ring stash. Created with nothing more than buttons and pipe cleaners

37 – Simply freeze a shallow bowl of water to create a Mini Winter Olympics.  

38 – Paintbrushes were so last year, darling! Watch how the colours spread across the paper when you paint with a straw.

39 – Ever heard of Salt painting? No me neither, till now. Turn swirls and whirls of glue into easy art with salt painting.

40 – Surprise yourself with these one-of-a-kind paint creations made with string.

41 – Finger knitting is the perfect quiet time craft – you need very few supplies (just wool and your fingers).

42 – Be a Spy for the day and send secret messages with crayons and watercolours.

43 – We all know that fingerprints are unique. So, turn them into art!

44 – Create winter-themed glistening original artwork using frozen water and natural elements such as leaves, sticks, and flowers.

45 – Do you have a budding Fashion designer in the house? Let them get funky with this simple no-wax batik dye craft.

46 – Ice paints are the most perfect way to spend a warm afternoon with your most favourite toddler. FACT!

47 – Take a little walk around your garden and make an awesome nature bracelet

48 – Repurpose an old pool noodle into a boat and keep the fun afloat! Perfect for sunny days in the paddling pool or even for the bath!

49 – Craft for our youngest members. Simply mix custard pudding with food colouring and presto: You have pudding paint.

50 – If nature always provides the best inspiration, then Nature Paint Brushes are sure to take creativity to the next level.

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