What is Artisan Pasta?

Casa Grande’s organic artisan pasta is made by applying traditional methods, from the moment we choose our ingredients, to the way the dough is mixed, how the different shapes are made produced and through to the drying process.

Artisan pasta is just like homemade pasta, natural and as close to nature as possible. As we know the more complex processing of food, the more the food is altered, the more we lose nutritional value and quality of taste and texture.

So what makes Casa Grande artisan pasta different from factory made pasta?

There are 4 main factors that contribute to making the best dried artisan pasta:

1. Our pasta is made from specially grown durum wheat semolina, combined with a very fine wheat flour which gives the pasta a more complex flavour and the texture of homemade fresh pasta.

2. We dry our pasta at a slower pace than the large manufactures, at a lower temperature. In fact we dry our pasta for two to four days, versus four hours in the industrialised big production factories. Slow drying is important because it preserves the structure of the starches and proteins as well as the pasta’s colour, flavour and aroma.

3. Our pasta is organic so includes no additives.

4. We use bronze dies to shape the pasta, giving each piece of pasta a rougher surface. The big industrial factories use Teflon-coated dies or plastic dies which work faster but also give the pasta a very smooth surface, and thus, make it less receptive to holding sauce. Casa Grande pasta blends perfectly with any sauce.

Casa Grande’s mission is to produce the most convenient, ethical ingredients and best dried pasta possible. We also want to bring fun and delight to our customers by offering beautiful colours and flavours in our pastas.

This is a guest post written by local food producer Katie from Casa Grande Artisan Pasta. More information on Casa Grande can be found on their website here. If you would like to tell your story on Greenwichmums, please email the team here. Thanks!

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