It’s maintenance Jim, but not as you know it!

One of the biggest complaints in my industry is over the maintenance administration and handling of someone’s investment property.

Recently there have been numerous cases in the national press whereby some estate agents have dealt with an issue and charged the earth for a simple call out. You may not know this but many estate agents (certainly not us here at Conran Estates) levy an additional fee on top of the contractors invoice for repairs hence some, seemingly easy, jobs costing so much!


I personally feel this a total scam as they charge you a fee to manage the property then, when they need to fix a problem, they charge you again!

Sadly, this sort of behaviour is not uncommon in the world of estate agency and I have listened to our customers and have a great solution for you too – which we have already implemented and is working brilliantly well for Conrans’ managed landlords right now!

I have fully employed Conrans very own maintenance person who is fully CRB checked. This will benefit all of our managed landlords as we now offer free call outs and what’s more, where we can undertake an on the spot repair, we will not charge you for it.

Yes that is correct.

It is free and could save you hundreds of pounds!

This is a really unique service and one which I am very proud to offer our managed landlords as part of what we do here. Ultimately when Conran Estates manage a property you will receive only the highest standards and certainly not be duped into spending more than you have too.

If your property is not managed by us and you feel this to be a worthy solution both for peace of mind and your pocket, then do call us on 0208 312 8316 and speak to Anne Angus. If you have already trusted us to manage your property then thank you for making a great decision and should you have any maintenance needs, we will keep your costs down, at least in the first instance*.


* Please note that there are certain maintenance works which need a pure specialist such as a Gas Safe Engineer but we will initially assess and ensure the correct trade is commissioned to save any initial call out fees!

About Simon Hughes

Originally a wealth manager by trade, when Simon was given the opportunity to take over an ailing Conran Estates he jumped at it and turned it into the thriving business it is today. Look out for his monthly blog in Greenwichmums where he talks about all things residential.

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