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About this event:

Created by thealbany

9 Giffin St, London SE8 4RJ, UK

CIRCULATE 2018: D-Construction is a thrilling and energetic hip-hop dance performance.

This event is suitable for: All ages

This event costs: Free

A thrilling and energetic hip-hop dance performance set around a metal scaffold structure that creates a playground, prison and place of expression. Six dancers experience the liberation of the mind through movement. Merging into a group, they create a stronger entity; breaking apart, they assert their uniqueness. They interact with the metal scaffolding as it cages, protects and frees them at the same time.

Price: Free


Contact Details

Telephone: 020 8692 4446
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Address Details

Location: 9 Giffin St, London SE8 4RJ, UK


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