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About this event:

Created by thealbany

9 Giffin St, London SE8 4RJ, UK

The CIRCULATE 2018: Conseqüències is an award-winning, playful and acrobatic dance-piece.

This event is suitable for: All ages

This event costs: Free

An award-winning, playful and acrobatic dance-piece exploring the relationship between reality and fiction in our everyday life. This joyful work explores the consequences of being late, off the mark and out of step with the rest of the world.

For a moment I stopped to listen, to watch, and the world around me kept on going. How can I find what I lost during these moments? The more I accelerate, the later I arrive, as if a strange force conspired against my presence in the time of others.

Price: Free


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Telephone: 020 8692 4446
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Location: 9 Giffin St, London SE8 4RJ


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