Klein Katzen German Speaking Playgroup

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About this event:

Created by struckfluent

Good Hope Cafe Ladywell

Offering a warm welcome to parents with all levels of German and children aged 0 – 4. Expect German songs and stories around a weekly theme, free play for the kids and free coffee and chat for the adults.

Klein Kaizen German Speaking Playgroup

This event is suitable for: 0 - 3 years

This event costs: Free

It’s part of our mission at Struck Fluent to share our love of languages in creative, fun and innovative ways, so playgroup leader, German tutor and local mum Alice will be on-hand to offer friendly laid-back language support if your German feels a bit rusty. So whether you’re a native speaker looking to connect with other German speakers in the area, fancy flexing that German A-Level or just want to introduce your little one to another language, you’ll find friendly faces – and a bottomless supply of coffee – at Kleine Kaizen.


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