Winter Survival with Greenwich Training

Exercising regularly and eating well can be difficult, and this is especially true across the next few months. After our blink-and-you’ll-miss-it summer, the nights are drawing in and winter is on the way. Comforting meals begin to make an appearance on the TV and shelves of every supermarket, and on the rare occasion you do get a second spare the last thing you want to do is dig out your trainers and head out in the rain.
So, in conjunction with we’ve put together a few tips to help you stay healthy across the perilous Christmas period and give you the best chance of making it to 2013 without needing to reach for your elasticated maternity clothes!

Little and often

If you always find yourself short of time when it comes to exercise, fear not. Doing shorter workouts of 15-30 minutes accelerates your metabolism, helping to work off the mulled wine and Quality Street, without eating into your time too much! We’ve put together a great total body workout that can be done in under 15 minutes, Click here to download it, no excuses! Want to really give yourself a boost? Get it done early. Research shows that exercising in the morning makes your body a calorie-burning machine, meaning anything you do for the rest of the day (cleaning, cooking, running for the bus) will burn more calories!

Streamline your meals, and your figure.

Your favourite winter-warmers can be cleaned up relatively simply, just try reducing the amount of refined carbohydrates (potatoes, pasta, rice) you’re using, and replace them with some lovely seasonal veg instead. By getting your energy from vegetables and meats rather than the traditional grain-related sources, your body burns off up to half of the calories just digesting it, meaning you get all the taste, without the added inches round your middle.
Here are a few great examples:
Autumnal Pork Loin with mushrooms, peppers and onion
A tasty meal that warms you up and fills you up without the fattening you up! (serves 4).
Chicken Curry with Apple
A healthy twist on a classic recipe, try this without rice on the side and you’ll be surprised how filling it is (serves 4).
Pumpkin Muffins
These healthy, sugar-free halloween muffins are great for the whole family.
(makes 12 muffins)
Click here to download all 3 recipes.

Keep it social

Getting outside to exercise can be much harder when the weather is miserable, so give yourself a boost by organising to exercise with like-minded friends. Agree to all meet up a couple of times a week at a set time, then head off for a brisk walk around one of Greenwich and Blackheath’s many parks and green spaces. This way you have an appointment to stick to, plus the added benefit of your friend’s support, and finding out the latest gossip to keep you coming back! Or why not try group personal training sessions, a great way to spread the cost while getting the most out of your precious time. We offer group training sessions with one of our team of personal trainers from as little as £9 per hour per person in locations convenient to you.
So there you have it, add these simple changes into your routine over the winter months and you’re sure to make it to Spring 2013 with a spring in your step!


Ian Male is part of Greenwich Training and whether your aim is improving fitness and energy levels, weight loss, body toning, or just feeling good in your swimsuit, they can help you achieve your goals and get results. He’s been a Personal Trainer for over four years, worked at various health clubs around London. For Ian, the key to keeping fit and staying fit is making exercise enjoyable, it shouldn’t be a chore, so he aims to keep sessions fun whilst keeping you focussed. For more info on Greenwich Training, click the link right here for their listing.