Who’s Taking Care Of Mummy

It’s an unusual concept, isn’t it; somebody taking care of you?

Well, that somebody ultimately has to be you, and I know how it is, I do – you’re way too busy taking care of everybody else to give yourself any time. Are you not? However, let me tell you why you have to take care of yourself and give you some ideas as to how to accomplish this mammoth feat. (I say mammoth because when you start, it does feel that way!)

Who's taking care Mummy

You’re the Mum, and if you’re not in service, everybody suffers.
If you can’t manage to take care of yourself, for yourself, then take care of yourself for everybody else! A well-rested, happy Mum is much more likely to have happy kids. If you’re tired, or you haven’t had an adult conversation in what feels like weeks, it will start to show. Believe me, I know. You’ll be grumpy, to say the least; A frazzled Mummy is no good to anyone. Not really.

How you treat yourself, is teaching your children and others how to treat you and if you never let your children or anybody else see your needs. Or that you never take the time to meet those needs. You’re effectively teaching all and sundry that you’ re a doormat. Sounds harsh when I put it this way. But its kinda true. So don’t be that doormat.

Ok, so now you know you need to take care of yourself – How do you make it happen you say?

Start with your diary Who’s taking care Mummy

Put some “me time” appointments in that will let you have some time to yourself. Choose the activities that will soothe and restore your soul, whatever they are though, really try and make time. A few hours a week or even a month devoted to something you love other than family, will keep you refreshed and feeling like your old self. Yoga, art, reading or just people watching can work wonders. One mum I know gets on the 188 bus every Saturday and rides to Waterloo from Greenwich. She has a coffee and sandwich by the Thames and comes back again! Just start small and you will reap the rewards almost instantly. Check out the Whats On for inspiration – we don’t just feature family events and activities.

Ask for the help Who’s taking care Mummy

You know that men are different, right? That whole, Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus book wasn’t far wrong. One of the ways they are different is that they don’t mind telling their partner what they need. Do they?… And they expect the same from us. Believe it or not! If you need your husband or partner to plan to watch the kids for three hours every Saturday so you can have some time to vegetate, meditate, shop, sleep or whatever, you need to tell them. They are not mind readers or going to come up with that one on their own if you tell your partner what you need, he or she is likely to oblige. (yes really)

Make friends and find friends with others in the same boat

There is no substitute for a friend who understands. If you’re a stay at home mum, find some others stay at home mums to hang out with. It  means company for you and for your child and adult conversation. If you’re a working Mum trying to juggle everything like we do, hook up with some other working Mothers to talk things through with. It works wonders to know you’re not alone. Plus, you might get some valuable mum hacks for handling some of the issues your facing. Why not join our private Facebook Group and put out a post

Just remember – as the Mum, you’re really the heart of your family. Your well-being will always translate into everyone’s well being. Who’s taking care Mummy

Take the time to enjoy and get to know the whole person that you are, not just the Mum bit! Who’s taking care Mummy

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