What is Birth Without Fear

During this time of uncertainty, it is crucial to have coping and handling mechanisms at your disposal for giving birth.

The trusted and robustly evaluated Swedish Birth Without Fear Method, is now finally available in the UK and offers a practical and hands-on alternative to hypnobirthing.

The aim of this highly effective method, already celebrating 11 years and used by tens of thousands of couples in Sweden and other parts of Scandinavia, is to maximise confidence in your body’s ability to give birth and to empower your birth partner to provide you with the support that you need in each and every contraction. 

Also used by midwives, obstetricians and other birth workers in Sweden using the affiliated healthcare model of the same method. And established for several years in various maternity units around the country.

With the use of 4 simple and effective tools, based entirely in physiology and the understanding of our innate stress response systems and how to proactively counteract the negative effect of stress and fear on the birthing physiology, you will both feel equipped and empowered to take on birth. This is crucial whether or not you choose to use pain relief, and works in any birth setting and for any mode of delivery too. 

The Birth Without Fear Method is about enhancing the emotional safety of birth since we know that medical safety is well taken care of. Yet, the fear of childbirth is actually rising. However, even if you have little anxiety around childbirth, or if you are, in fact, feeling highly anxious, this method works for everyone because it is based in physiology. Physiologically we are all made exactly the same. 

Stress and fear are normal emotions and can come and go during labour. The method teaches your chosen birth partner HOW to detect these emotions by observing your body language and equipping him or her with the tools to guide you towards the feeling of trust and confidence. Only then can an emotionally safe birth happen. Because we are meant to give birth when we FEEL SAFE. 

Your birth partner will gain practical training in how to support you with the most effective forms of massage strokes and touch, to maximise your own production of the body’s chosen birth hormone Oxytocin, the love hormone. 

These four tools are simply:

  • Breathing
  • Relaxation
  • The Voice
  • The Mind

Each one is key to unlocking what your body already knows deep inside to birth your baby. Yet, holding them all together is the all-important 5th element: The Support. 

This powerful toolbox, therefore, provides your birth partner with the know-how to confidently guide you towards an emotionally safe and loving birth by learning HOW to practically support you as you embark on this physical and emotional journey together until that moment when you finally come to meet your baby. 

The class is facilitated by Greenwich-based experienced Midwife and Method Ambassador Emilie Wicks. During a 4-hour interactive Zoom session and one booked slot is for two people: you and your chosen birth partner.

Currently, we are running classes in November and December with a limited offer of 50% discount. (Normal price £90)


Saturday 28th November 10.00am-2.00pm & Saturday 19th December 10.00-2.00pm. Book now by visiting www.birthbyheart.com

FREE taster session available here!

Still not sure? take a look at two testimonials below.

“Learning Birth Without Fear techniques with Emilie was the single most important thing I did during my pregnancy to prepare.

Following a complicated pregnancy and then facing child birth during the corona virus pandemic, what could have been a very scary and chaotic experience actually turned out to be something I felt completely in control of. I’ve never been good with pain, so had you asked me nine months ago how I thought my birthing experience would go, I would have said I’d expected it to be terrifying.

But with the techniques Emilie showed us, particularly with the power of the breath, I felt so in control. I particularly liked the emphasis that was placed on the role of the birth partner. It meant that my partner Ed knew exactly what I wanted without me having to ask for it (which during labour, would have been quite difficult to vocalise) and it just felt like we really were working in sync. He used slow, steady, deep sounds and actions to lull me into a state of complete focus. I can genuinely say that because of the Birth Without Fear approach, my experience of child birth was extraordinary and it brings a smile to my face every time I think of it.

Plus, now that I’ve entered motherhood, every time that I feel slightly daunted or overwhelmed by a new challenge, I remember how I conquered my fear of labour and I instantly start using the techniques to get me through the next hurdle…so it really is the gift that keeps on giving!

Jess, June 2020.

Having had a traumatic experience with my first child due to reasons completely out of my control, i was keen to find a way to feel more in control and prepared this time around. I found out about ‘Birth without Fear’ and was lucky enough to be able to work with Emilie in the lead up to the birth.

For me, the best thing about the birth without fear method is that Emilie deals with the realities of giving birth and gives practical strategies that can be used whether you are in the labour ward with an epidural, having a home birth or anything in between. She doesn’t sugar coat the realities of childbirth but empowers you with a toolkit techniques that allow you to face it. For me this meant that if the birth didn’t go ‘as planned’ (as they rarely do!) I was able to feel prepared for whatever came my way.

The course gave my husband a practical and active role and meant we really talked about what was coming and felt like we were both in it together. Practising them in the weeks up to the birth gave a sense of focus and also made us laugh a lot, which again, helped us both feel less anxious and more in control.

The birth itself went as well as I could have hoped. We used all the techniques in some way during the birth, I particularly liked the voice technique, it made me feel grounded and really helped me focus my energy and remain calm. My husband and I were totally on the same page and I felt connected to him throughout. That physical and emotional support meant that unlike my first birth experience, I felt empowered and positive before, during and after.

A huge thank you to Emilie and the ‘Birth without Fear’ team for being part of a very positive birthing experience, which has in turn helped me to heal from my previous traumatic birth experience.

Abi and Jim, July 2020