Unearthing Hidden Gems: Anna Fiorentini Theatre & Film School Welcomes Young Aspirants

Every child is a star waiting for the right stage to shine. Sometimes, they only need guidance, the right environment, and magic. If you, as a parent, are looking for that perfect opportunity for your child, an experience that promises growth, learning, and the joy of performance, you’re about to stumble upon something exceptional.

Imagine a place where creativity knows no bounds. A place where dreams are nurtured, confidence is built, and young voices are empowered. The Anna Fiorentini Theatre & Film Saturday School is not just another theatre school; it’s a haven for budding artists, a community where children from diverse backgrounds come together, united by their love for the arts.

Located in the historic heart of Greenwich, this award-winning school has been a beacon of hope, inspiration, and success for countless children over the years. From training stars who’ve made a mark on TV, Film, and the West End stage to shaping young minds brimming with self-confidence and resilience, the school’s ethos has always revolved around holistic development.

Thanks to the generous grant from the Royal Borough of Greenwich Community Art Fund, the award-winning Anna Fiorentini Theatre & Film Saturday School at James Wolfe School can offer 20 free places this Autumn. 

This is a golden opportunity for families struggling to meet the fees. Its primary goal is to foster confidence, self-esteem, and crucial life skills, so the school has transformed many lives. 

Not convinced? Here’s a quick video showcasing the school in all its glory.

Successful applicants will plunge into an exciting journey starting this October. Spanning 22 Saturdays, the young talents will immerse themselves in Drama, Singing, and Dance, guided by some of the industry’s best professionals. And to cap it off, they will showcase their talents on the Greenwich Theatre stage on Sunday, 11th February.

But the school isn’t just about the spotlight. Beyond the accolades and the applause, many students have benefited immensely from its holistic approach. FLaunching the careers of many young performers via their theatrical agency, ensuring they have had leading roles on TV / Film and the West End stage to those who’ve evolved into confident, well-rounded individuals, the success stories are aplenty. Don’t take our word for it! Listen to what the alums have to say right here.

The Royal Borough of Greenwich, through the Community Arts Fund, aims to foster art and creativity, connecting communities, organisations, and schools. As aptly put by Councillor Adel Khaireh, Cabinet Member for Equality, Culture, and Communities, “Engaging in the arts brings myriad well-being benefits…from reducing stress and increasing relaxation to meeting new people. We’re thrilled to partner with groups that help uncover the hidden artists within our community.”

For the younger champs aged 4-6, The Fiorentini Weenie classes are tailored just for you. And yes, you’ll be gracing the Greenwich Theatre showcase as well! 

Curious about it? Here’s a quick link to the Weenies page.


Apply for this fantastic opportunity by filling out this simple form.  If you don’t qualify for a free place – Anna Fiorentini School has generously offered 30% off for the first two terms of this year to all Greenwichmums members. 

To delve deeper into the magic of Anna Fiorentini School, visit the official website. For more on our Greenwich branch, find out more here.

Join the Anna Fiorentini family and let your child’s journey towards a brighter, more confident future begin!

20 FREE Places at Anna Fiorentini

20 FREE Places at Anna Fiorentini

20 FREE Places at Anna Fiorentini