The Velveteen Rabbit

Looking for the perfect family outing this Easter? Look no further! The timeless enchantment of ‘The Velveteen Rabbit‘ hops into the heart of London, promising a spellbinding Easter holiday experience for both the young and the young at heart.

The Velveteen Rabbit

This April, from the 5th to the 6th, the Lilian Baylis Studio transforms into a nursery of wonders as balletLORENT presents its latest family show. Inspired by Margery Williams’ century-old classic, this dance theatre production is not just a performance but a heartwarming journey that speaks to every generation.

In ‘The Velveteen Rabbit’, a charming story unfolds, where toys stir to life amidst a child’s dreams and daytime play. We follow a soft, stuffed rabbit and a boy as they embark on shared adventures, exploring the joys of growing up and the profound nature of love. It’s a narrative that has captivated hearts since its first appearance in Harper’s Bazaar in 1921, and now, with a fresh twist and new characters, it’s set to enchant us once more.

With a talented cast of six dancers, the show brings together the creative direction of Liv Lorent and the captivating narration of Ben Crompton—yes, you might recognise that name from ‘Game of Thrones’! The auditory experience is elevated by the compositions of Murray Gold, famed for his work on ‘Dr Who’, and Albie Crompton, with the stage coming alive under the glow of Malcolm Rippeth’s lighting.

The Velveteen Rabbit himself is portrayed by Natalie MacGillivray, with Gavin Coward as the Boy, alongside a stellar ensemble that includes Toby Fitzgibbons, Virginia Scudeletti, Berta Admetlla, and Montaine Ponceau. Their performances breathe life into a tactile and nostalgically designed set, complete with retro props and hand-knitted details courtesy of a creative group of Newcastle women, all under the fashion-forward eye of Nasir Mazhar.

balletLORENT, hailing from the vibrant North East, celebrates its 30th anniversary with this production. Known for their dedication to ambitious and inclusive storytelling, they’ve woven a narrative rich in resilience and the quest for authenticity—a story that urges children to embrace their unique selves most beautifully.

As Liv Lorent, the artistic director, puts it: “The themes of resilience and finding how to be real are timeless.” This show promises laughter, wisdom, and characters that resonate with us all, making it an unmissable Easter event.

The show is ideal for children aged 4 to 10, and it’s more than just entertainment—it’s an experience that will linger in your family’s memories, much like the cherished pages of a well-loved book. Proudly supported by the Mohn Westlake Foundation, The Velveteen Rabbit is a testament to balletLORENT’s reputation as a Sadler’s Wells National Partner Company.

So, gather your little ones and join us for a magical escape into the realm of imagination, where toys dance and dreams come true. It’s more than just a show; it’s a family adventure celebrating love’s enduring power. Book your tickets, and let’s hop into this Easter adventure together!

The Velveteen Rabbit
Lillian Baylis StudioFriday 5 & Saturday 6 April 2024Tickets: £12 – £18
Ticket Office: 020 7863 8000 or