The Importance of Reading

Here at LEYF, we firmly believe that reading is a key part of any child’s development.

importance of reading

This week we wanted to tell you all about the importance of reading and to give you a few tips on how to encourage your little ones to love reading!

Why is reading so important?

Reading has multiple benefits for a developing young mind and helps set a child up for success later in life. Studies have shown that reading a lot early in life improves a child’s capability for learning in general once they start school.

Reading also helps to improve their basic language skills helping them to communicate with others which leads to a natural boost in confidence. Reading can also boost their concentration skills and lateral thinking abilities.

How do I get my children to read?

So, now you’ve read some of the benefits of your child reading you might be thinking “How will I actually get them into reading?”. Don’t worry, LEYF have got you covered!

There are numerous ways you can encourage your little one to learn to love literature and none of them are particularly tricky.

First of all, read with them! It’s a great way to not only spend time bonding with your little one but also to boost their interest in reading.

Secondly, make sure there is a diverse selection of books for them to choose from – not every child is going to have the same taste in reading material!

Thirdly make sure you encourage your child to keep going and reward their efforts – this will help motivate them to keep reading.

Finally make sure they are always reading, whether that is books, magazines or even just leaflets and posters. This will improve their grasp of language and ensure they naturally progress onto more complicated materials.

With these tips for encouraging children to read your child or the children in your care will become literary experts!

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